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Engineering Discipline

Higher Diploma in Building Services Engineering

Programme code EG524702

Duration of Study
3 Years
[Students are required to follow the programme arrangements stipulated by IVE, on average 4 evenings per week, normally 3 semesters per academic year.]
Mode of Study
Part-time (Evening)
Offering Campus(es) / Venue(s)
IVE (Morrison Hill, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun)

(Some modules of the programme offered by IVE (Morrison Hill) may be conducted at outside centre.)

Required No. of Credits for Graduation
Programme Aims
The programme aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue a career in the Building Services Engineering Industry. The equally important aim is to develop student’s abilities to think clearly, assess problems critically, view work creatively and communicate effectively when working independently or as members of a team. The programme is designed with an emphasis on generic and language training, whole-person development and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.
Career Prospects
Graduates may be employed as assistant engineers, technicians, supervisors, maintenance & operations staff, building services officers in various areas of infrastructure development and construction related projects including new developments, urban renewal projects, maintenance and upgrading of existing services. Nature of work varies from building services design and installation to facility management.
Graduates may apply for admission to the following courses:
  1. BEng (Hons) in Building Sciences and Engineering (Building Services Engineering) offered by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  2. BEng (Hons) in Building Engineering (Building Services Engineering) offered by the City University of Hong Kong
  3. BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (Building Services) offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  4. BEng (Hons) Building Services and Sustainable Engineering# offered by the University of Central Lancashire, UK
  5. BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering offered by the Technical and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
  6. BEng (Hons) Building Services Engineering# offered by University of the West of England, Bristol

Upon admission to the above local degree courses, graduates may apply for credit exemption. The level of exemption will be considered on individual basis.

Graduates may also apply for admission to overseas universities and direct entry to the second year of study is generally accepted. Example includes BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering offered by the Northumbria University, UK.

# It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead. Please refer to the corresponding programme page in the website of SHAPE for the registered course no.
Professional Recognition
  1. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the HKSAR as fulfilling the academic requirements for registration as Grade B Electrical Workers.
  2. The Department is negotiating with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in assessing and recognising our graduates from this programme as satisfying the academic requirements for its Associate membership.
Students may be required to attend classes on other VTC campuses. VTC reserves the right to cancel any programme, revise programme title, content or change the offering institute(s) / campus(es) / class venue(s) if circumstances so warrant.