Honorary Fellowships

Ir NG Cheung-shing

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Computer and Technologies Holdings Limited

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2009
detail page-Mr NG Cheung-shing
Ir NG Cheung-shing was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by the Council Chairman Mr Andrew LEUNG, SBS, JP at Graduation Ceremony 2009

Mr NG Cheung-shing is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Computer and Technologies Holdings Limited. Currently a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Computer Society and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, he has held executive positions in companies such as Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Limited and Sun Hung Kai (China) Limited, and has over 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. In 1991, Mr Ng founded Computer and Technologies International Limited (C&T) and successfully led C&T to be listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1998.

Recognising an imminent need for an organisation to represent interests of the local IT industry, Mr Ng initiated establishment of the Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) in 1999. Under his chairmanship, ISIA has not only proved its effectiveness in promoting the development of the local IT industry, but has also been acting as the platform for experience sharing, partnership facilitation among IT companies in Hong Kong, the Mainland China and Asia-Oceania, as well as communication with the Government. Besides, Mr Ng has been actively participating in a number of Government advisory boards regarding IT and education development. He was also an awardee of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons and a winner of the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong in 2000.

Mr Ng has made valuable contributions to VTC, serving as a Council Member from 2000 to 2007, and to the IT Discipline, particularly in soliciting scholarships for students. As the Chairman of the Asia-Oceania Computing Technology Organisation (ASOCIO) ICT Summit 2008 Organising Committee, Mr Ng has facilitated the donation of scholarships to 30 full-time Higher Diploma students newly admitted to the IT Discipline in the academic year of 2009/10, to encourage more young people to pursue IT studies to meet the growing manpower demands of the IT industry in Hong Kong.