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Welcome to the Interactive Parent Corner

With a large number of study options available for secondary school graduates, how would you help your children make the right choice? Feel free to share with us your views and questions about further studies and vocational development. Our education experts will address your questions and help you and your children plan for the future.

Parent Talks

Parent Talks 2015


Parent talks on various topics are held by VTC each year where experts from the education sector and industry discuss hot topics on parenting.

Parent Sharing

Parent Sharing


"Practical approach enhances learning outcomes!"

Mrs Tse (Mother of Gigi Tse, graduate of IVE Higher Diploma)


Parents’ Guide on Further Studies 

Parents Booklet

This magazine is published by VTC for parents of S6 students, to help them plan a pathway for their children’s further studies (in Chinese only)



View the e-Book of "Skilling for the Future" to learn more about the latest developments and trends of vocational and professional education and training (VPET).