Industry Partnership Testimonials


Mr Roy LO

Chairman of Accountancy Training Board

Managing Partner of SHINEWING (HK) CPA Ltd.

The accounting sector is undergoing changes because of the emergence of new technologies.  Aside from professional knowledge and skills, we have been working closely with the VTC to equip accounting students with sound ethical judgement.  Accounting personnel should adhere to the latest regulations to ensure that businesses are meeting their obligations.  Innovation should be supported in a way without compromising proper behaviour.


Mr Eddie LAM

Former Chairman of Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment Training Board

Chairman of Techoy Construction Company Limited

The Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment Training Board has been proactively collaborating with the trade and professional associations to organise a variety of activities and construction-related competitions such as orientation programme, day camp, infrastructure competition and young Lo Pan Award etc. aimed at engaging secondary schools and students of the VTC.  We believe that early engagement of youngsters can better arouse their interests in the building and construction industry.


Mr Christopher TSE

Chairman of Electronics and Telecommunications Training Board

Chief Executive Officer of Musical Electronics Limited

Apart from technical knowledge of the electronics and telecommunications industries, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) has always put practical experience of the students as primary importance.  I am impressed by its new initiative of establishing the IoT Innovation and Technology Centre where technological applications and project collaborations among industries would be carried out.  The relevance and quality of VTC programmes facilitates their graduates to be technically competent to perform their duties in the workplace.


Mr Rocky CHENG

Chief Information Officer Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Member of Innovation and Technology Training Board Convenor of Working Party on Skills Competition

As the Convenor of the Working Party of the Skills Competition under the Innovation and Technology Training Board, I highly appreciate the continuous efforts of the VTC in nurturing students with knowledge and skills as well as grooming them for the future workforce.  Specifically, VTC students are given the opportunities to participate in local and international competitions to broaden their horizons and unleash their potential in different skills areas.  The achievements in the WorldSkills Competitions fully demonstrated the skills excellence of the students.  In fact, technological innovations are evolving rapidly leading to the transformation of work, especially in the banking and finance industry.  I truly believe that VTC students could outperform themselves as they are keen to learn new technologies and possess a strong base of IT knowledge.  I look forward to having more VTC graduates to join the banking and finance industry to enhance the innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.


Ms Sabrina CHAO

Chairlady of Maritime Services Training Board

Chairman of Wah Kwong Shipping Holdings Limited

I deeply appreciate the contribution of the Maritime Services Training Institute and the Engineering Discipline of the Institute of Vocational Education in nurturing talent of the maritime services industry over the past 30 years.  With new facilities including the Aviation and Maritime Education Centre and a ship-handling training hub in the pipeline, I believe that the VTC would keep pace with industry developments and bring in more new blood needed by the industry.


Sr Augustine WONG, JP

Chairman of Real Estate Services Training Board

Executive Director of Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd

The real estate services industry plays a vital role in supporting Hong Kong’s economic growth.  Over the years, the industry provides high quality and value-added services to stakeholders through the continuous development of human capital.  I would like to thank the VTC for providing a wide range of VPET programmes to prepare young people to join the industry, as well as to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the in-service practitioners.  Without doubt, VTC is a great partner for the sustainable development of the industry.