Student Industrial Attachment Programme

Grow a Sustainable Pool of Your Tomorrow's Employees

Student-Industrial-Attachment-Programme-Overview (SIAP) is a “work-based experience programme” providing a real-life organisational context for students to develop specific or generic skills, valuable to their professional development.

Students can apply and enhance their skills in reality, contribute to the organisation, and, at the same time, obtain invaluable guidance from their mentors.


Programme Structure

The cumulative total duration of the attachment should be no shorter than 90 hours, which can be taken place during term-time or summer vacation (ie July-August).  Work related to a small project, as well as specific tasks such as research, production, administration, or day-to-day operation are excellent opportunities.
A company mentor is suggested to provide supervision and feedback to the students.  VTC attachment coordinator will follow through the attachment period.
Employers are encouraged to give allowance to cover students’ basic expenses.