Student Industrial Attachment Programme


What are the benefits to the participating company?

The programme provides a sustainable, flexible and effective channel to source and select talents to meet their short and/or long term manpower need. Participating company can take the opportunities to approach and identify potential talents through assessing their real work performance at the company.  They can also obtain fresh ideas from the creative and energetic young talents.  In a longer-run, company will promote a good corporate social responsible image and groom younger generations for a sustainable workforce for the society.

Who would be the student participants? Are they ready for work?

Participants are mostly senior year students of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) full-time Higher Diploma / Diploma programmes.  They will be attached to a company that matches their focus of studies in a broad range of disciplines, namely Health and Life Sciences, Business, Childcare, Elderly and Community Services, Design, Engineering, Hospitality and Information Technology.
Students are equipped with essential industrial knowledge and skills, right working attitudes, as well as understanding on workplace safety, professional expectations, legalities and ethics.  See Attachment Examples of student work during attachment.

Programme Particulars

What is the time frame for industrial attachment?

Companies are recommended to provide an attachment period of not shorter than 90 hours (roughly about 2 weeks under full-time arrangement) so that students can have enough time to go through the operation in the workplace and contribute in the work.  This can be in one-go or accumulative, and take place during term time or summer vacation.

Do I need to sign an employment contract?

Student attachment is generally not a formal employment, thus employment contract is not necessary. However, companies, to comply with their internal practice, may choose to engage the students as employees under employment contract, or provide an agreement or statement of understanding to set out the responsibilities and consensus of your company and students.

Does the company need to pay salary?

Company is encouraged to pay the students, as allowance, based on market rate, to cover the basic expenses.

Does Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) apply?

Students taking on the attachment are not employees of the company, and thus the MPF Ordinance does not apply.  Besides, MPF contribution is not required for employment period of up to 59 days.

Does the Minimum Wage Ordinance apply to student attachment?

The Minimum Wage Ordinance does not apply to student interns.  This SIAP, arranged or endorsed by IVE/HKDI (bodies established under the Vocational Training Council Ordinance), is an elective or compulsory component of the Higher Diploma or Diploma programme, an accredited programme being provided by VTC.  Thus students of these full-time programmes will not subject to the Ordinance.  Employers may contact the relevant teaching departments on the issuance of a Confirmation, with a view to confirming the identity of the student intern and providing particulars of the work as arranged or endorsed by the institutions.
Full text of the Statutory Minimum Wage: Notes for Student Employees and Employers and the Specimen Confirmation of “Student Intern” Status published by the Labour Department, HKSAR Government are available at

Is there any insurance coverage for the students during the attachment period?

VTC provides a Group Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to cover students who participate in the industrial attachment.  Companies and students may also choose to arrange additional insurance coverage if appropriate.

Who owns the copyright for works produced during the attachment?

If a formal employment contract is engaged, all works produced shall remain the property of the company.  Otherwise, the company may need to make explicit agreement with the students concerned.

Roles and Responsibilities

What are the roles of the host company?

We recommend the company to:
-   offer a project, a task such as research, production, administration, or day-to-day operation with learning opportunities;
-   assign a company mentor to supervise and guide the students on the job requirements and give feedback to them;
-   keep in contact with the VTC Attachment Coordinator where necessary to facilitate the assessment of the student’s performance; and
-   provide a safe and supportive working environment.

What should my company do upon completion of the training period?

Employers are encouraged to provide feedback and comments on the attachment arrangements and student’s performance to VTC, and, if the students have completed the job satisfactorily, provide a testimonial specifying the attachment period to the students.  VTC can provide sample templates for reference.

Can the company terminate the attachment earlier than the agreed time?

Yes, but we suggest the company to contact the VTC Attachment Coordinator before an early termination and discuss the best solution for all participating parties, if you consider the performance of the students unsatisfactory.  A mutual agreement on termination is recommended.  Besides, VTC can help identify alternative trainees if needed.

How can a company offer an attachment opportunity?

Company can simply contact the respective IA coordinator(s) by specifying the requirements.  VTC will then help identify appropriate student candidates to match your needs, and assign a VTC attachment coordinator to follow through the attachment period.