Skills Excellence

Skills Excellence

At the VTC, we nurture talents, promote skills culture, celebrate excellence and showcase VPET in the international community. Our students are trained to build on what they learn, and with innovative thinking, make a positive impact on their lives and well-being of others. Over the years, VTC students have displayed skills excellence at different local and international competitions.

Skills Change Lives

Skills can change lives.  The biennial WorldSkills Competition provides a platform for young people to excel in their vocational skills, strive for professionalism and make contribution to society.  Since the first participation in 1997, the Hong Kong team has won three Golds, one Silver, five Bronze and 71 Medallion for Excellence, well attesting to the world class standard of Hong Kong competitors.

WorldSkills Hong Kong

Driving the Future

To promote renewable energy and transportation, IVE Engineering students and teachers formed a solar car team in 2009 and pooled their knowledge and skills to co-develop an eco-friendly and solar-powered car called SOPHIE. Over the years, the team continued refining and upgrading the style, functions, effectiveness and efficiency of SOPHIE and competing in international races as a way to test their skills and promote a greener future.  Most recently in 2019, the team with new edition of solar-powered car SOPHIE 6s traversed 3,000km across the desert and wilderness in Australia, and won the World Solar Challenge in the cruiser category, the best ever results since joining the contest.

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