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Vocational Professionals Admission Scheme (VPAS)
Bridging the manpower gap for technicians and professional talents

Latest updated 30 Oct 2023

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) fully supports the pilot launch of the Vocational Professionals Admission Scheme (VPAS) as announced in the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address which would provide more skilled manpower to meet the needs arising from the economic restructuring and technological advancement of Hong Kong. By putting in place the diverse training modes and programmes, the new measure can nurture the high-caliber vocational and professional talents to expand the talent pool for Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and even our country, thereby enhancing the competitive advantages of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) and driving the economic growth at both the national and Hong Kong levels.

The VPAS will run as pilot for two years. Under the scheme, non-local students (including those from the Mainland, other countries and regions) enrolled in designated full-time VTC Higher Diploma programmes in Hong Kong for the 2024/25 & 2025/26 academic years will upon graduation be eligible to apply for employment in Hong Kong. These graduates can enter different professional industries related to their study programmes, including Aviation, Transport and Logistics; Innovation and Technology; Electrical and Mechanical Services; Building, Civil Engineering and Built Environment; and Maritime.

The new scheme will expand the channels for attracting vocational and technical talents to stay and work in Hong Kong and can help bridge the manpower gap for technicians and professional talents in crucial industries in Hong Kong. It can also help promote connectivity and interaction of talents among Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and other countries/ regions. As the largest provider of VPET in Hong Kong, the VTC will leverage its training expertise and industry network to execute the scheme, assist non-local students in their employment endeavours and inject vitality into Hong Kong labour market.

For more information about the designated full-time VTC Higher Diploma programmes under the VPAS, please refer to the website of VTC’s Mainland and International Affairs Office:

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