Industry Partnership Honorary Fellowships Mr Larry TCHOU Ming-kong

Honorary Fellowships

Mr Larry TCHOU Ming-kong

Managing Director, Hyatt International-Asia Pacific Ltd

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2008
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Mr Larry TCHOU Ming-kong was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by the Council Chairman Mr Andrew LEUNG, SBS, JP at Graduation Ceremony 2008

Mr Larry TCHOU Ming-kong is the Managing Director of the Hyatt International-Asia Pacific Ltd, overseeing 70 Hyatt hotels currently in operation and under development in the Asia Pacific region. He is currently the Chairman of the VTC’s Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Board (HOTB) and the Vice Chairman of VTC’s Hotel, Service and Tourism Studies Discipline Board. As Chairman of the Hong Kong Hotels Association back in 1978, Mr Tchou proposed to Government to establish and subsequently assisted VTC in the development of a Hotel Industry Training Centre, now upgraded as the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre (HITDC). He has a long association with HOTB since its inception in 1982. Mr Tchou was previously a Council Member of VTC and a Member of Chinese Cuisine Training Institute (CCTI) Training Board.

A widely respected leader in the hospitality industry with a wealth of professional knowledge and experience, Mr Tchou has provided invaluable input to the development of hospitality training services in VTC for over 20 years. He is currently advising HITDC on the construction of its new training hotel and SPA related training facilities. Under Mr Tchou’s able leadership over the years, HOTB has tendered insightful advice to Government and to VTC on the latest developments in the industry, business outlook and manpower requirements. Mr Tchou has offered employment opportunities for VTC graduates and facilitates industrial attachment for the staff development of HITDC/CCTI. In recognition of his valuable contribution, he was presented the VTC’s 25th Anniversary Outstanding Honorary Award in 2007.

Mr Tchou is a fervent supporter of hospitality education and training in Hong Kong. He assumes lectureship and advisory roles at different universities and education institutions. Presently, he is Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the School of Hotel & Tourism Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and he also serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor for the University.