Industry Partnership Honorary Fellowships Mr John RUDDY, F.C.I.B.

Honorary Fellowships

Mr John RUDDY, F.C.I.B.

Trust Protector, Alistair Harvey Foundation

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2017
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Mr John RUDDY, F.C.I.B. was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by then Secretary for Education Mr Kevin YEUNG Yun-hung, JP at Graduation Ceremony 2017

Mr John RUDDY is the Trust Protector for The Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship (AHFS), a charitable trust established in 2004 according to the wish of the late Mr Alistair J Harvey to assist Hong Kong students from science and technology background to further their study in tertiary institutions in the United Kingdom. Since then, AHFS has donated over HK$56.5 million to the VTC, being the largest private donation received by the VTC to date.

Being the Trust Protector as well as a key member of the annual Selection Panel of AHFS, Mr Ruddy assisted the Trustees of the Foundation to protect and ensure the funds benefit and sponsor the most qualified students. Every year, Mr Ruddy visits AHFS Scholars throughout the UK. During his visits to UK universities, Mr Ruddy would promote the AHFS as well as the VTC, often resulting in fruitful collaborations between the VTC and the universities, particularly articulation and direct entry arrangements for VTC graduates into senior years of the universities.

Mr Ruddy has long been a distinguished guest at the annual Alistair Harvey Foundation Alumni Reunion held in Hong Kong, where Mr Ruddy and AHFS alumni catch up and reminisce about their time spent in the UK. Currently celebrating its 13th anniversary, AHFS has already awarded over 120 graduates from IVE. Upon obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree, many AHFS Scholars carried on to postgraduate qualifications and obtained Master’s Degrees or Doctorate at renowned universities in the UK or Hong Kong including Oxford and Cambridge.

Most recently, with the support of Mr Ruddy, the number of annual awards has increased significantly. In addition, AHFS now sponsors VTC graduates in a Part-time Degree programme in Maritime Studies.

In 2009, our Learning Resources Centre at IVE (Tsing Yi) was renamed in honour of the late Alistair Harvey.