Honorary Fellowships

Mr CHUNG Wai-ping

Chairman of Tao Heung Holdings Limited

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2011
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Mr CHUNG Wai-ping was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by Chief Secretary for Administration Mr Stephen LAM, GBS, JP at Graduation Ceremony 2011

Mr CHUNG Wai-ping has over 30 years of experience in the Chinese catering industry. He is currently the Emeritus Honorary President of the Chinese Cuisine Management Association, President of the Association of Restaurant Managers, Honorary Chairman of the China branch of Les Amis d’Escoffier Society Company and Convenor of the Catering Industry Consultative Networks under the Employees Retraining Board. A highly acclaimed figure in the catering industry, Mr Chung was named the “Chief Executive Officer of the Year (Hospitality)” by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium in 2003 and the “Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong in 2005.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mr Chung is committed to the vocational education and training development of the Chinese catering industry. He is a past member of the VTC’s Chinese Cuisine Training Institute Training Board and has been serving as the Honorary Advisor of the VTC since 2005. Through the Tao Heung Holdings Limited, he has been offering full sponsorships for the Chinese Cuisine Culture Development Programme organised by the VTC since 2000, benefitting numerous food and beverage practitioners to support the industry growth and development.

Mr Chung furthers his support to the culinary manpower development through the provision of a training site and sponsorship for the establishment of the VTC-Tao Miao Institute. Scheduled to open in 2012, the Institute will provide a wide spectrum of culinary training for industry practitioners to raise the professionalism and management standards of the trade.