Honorary Fellowships

Dr YAU Wing-kwong, JP

Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Association Limited

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2023
Dr YAU Wing-kwong, JP was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by Secretary for the Civil Service, Mrs Ingrid YEUNG HO Poi-yan, JP

Dr YAU Wing-kwong, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Association Limited, is devoted to promoting environmental sustainability in Hong Kong.  Currently, he serves as the Chairman of Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund Advisory Committee, Environmental and Health Committee of Heung Yee Kuk and Honorary Fellow of Institute of Horticulture (Hong Kong) to provide professional advice on fostering greening and habitat conservation.  He also took up various committee memberships with his expertise, including Town Planning Board, Land and Development Advisory Committee, Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee, Waste Management Subcommittee of Advisory Council on the Environment, and Environmental Activities Working Group of Tai Po District Council.

Since 1997, Dr Yau has contributed significantly to the community by developing many pioneering sustainability projects in Hong Kong.  He has established four education centres to promote effective preservation of natural reserves.  The Tai Po Geoheritage Centre is also the first education centre in Hong Kong with a focus on geology.  As the Convenor of Heung Yee Kuk New Territories Smart Countryside Working Group, Dr Yau proposed the “Smart Village Pilots” under the second edition of Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong to enhance the technological developments in rural areas.  This year, a community project initiated by Dr Yau in expanding the ecology of butterflies won the Innovation Award of the Hong Kong Management Association, and was included in the International Manifesto Relay of World Congress of Architects 2023.

Dr Yau was appointed as the Chairman of Health and Life Sciences Discipline Advisory Board of VTC.  He has connected VTC with the government and industry partners to promote vocational and professional education and training and develop various cooperation projects.  He shared his insights at various occasions such as “The Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality in VTC” seminar at VTC’s Future Skills Community Event and Fisheries Innovative and Technological Forum.  His Association also provides internship opportunities to encourage the youth to contribute to the community’s sustainability.  Every year since 2015, more than 50 VTC’s Higher Diploma students majoring in conservational and tree management, environmental protection and environmental science have benefited from his support.