Industry Partnership Honorary Fellowships Dr David WONG Yau-kar, GBS, JP

Honorary Fellowships

Dr David WONG Yau-kar, GBS, JP

Chairman, Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong

*Extract from Order of Ceremony 2013
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Dr David WONG Yau-kar, GBS, JP was conferred the VTC Honorary Fellowship by then Secretary for Labour and Welfare Mr Matthew CHEUNG, GBS, JP at Graduation Ceremony 2013

Dr David WONG Yau-kar was born in Hong Kong. He obtained his MA in Economics and his PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Dr Wong has extensive experience in manufacturing, international trade, corporate finance and policy research. He served as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, USA from 1987 to 1991. He currently serves on the boards of a number of listed and non-listed companies.

Dr Wong has an extensive record in public service. He was President of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong. He is currently Chairman of Land and Development Advisory Committee, Chairman of Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund Board, Chairman of The Societal Engagement Task Force of Commission on Poverty, as well as a member of Economic Development Commission and the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee, among others. Dr Wong has also previously served as a part-time member of the Central Policy Unit.

In his various capacities in the business and professional sectors, Dr Wong has made significant contributions to economic and public affairs in Hong Kong over the years, including the advancement of trade and investment flows, advocacy of a better operating environment for small and medium enterprises, and advancement of a more harmonious labour-employer relationship. Dr Wong has been able to serve effectively because he has long been deeply involved in public policy research and advocacy, especially with regard to economic affairs.

Dr Wong has always been supportive of educational and community services. He is currently a Council member of the Hong Kong Baptist University and an adjunct professor in its School of Business, as well as a frequent guest speaker at public forums at various universities. He is also the Vice President in the Board of Governors of Hong Kong College of Technology. Dr Wong has served as a board member of various secondary schools over the past seventeen years.

Dr Wong has received multiple honours over the years. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 2010. In 2012, he was awarded a Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) for his valuable contributions to promoting trade and industrial development, as well as to the work of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund Board.