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WMG awards Master’s degrees and honours outstanding industrialists

Latest updated 29 Mar 2023
  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-1

    Students from Hong Kong pursued WMG programmes are awarded Master’s degrees

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-2

    Professor Roy CHUNG, Chairman, WMG School for Professional Development Office Steering Group, delivers the opening address

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-3

    Dr Daniel YIP, Managing Director of G.E.W. International Corporation Limited, (left) is re-appointed Industrial Fellow

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-4

    Mr Johnny YEUNG, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fujikon Industrial Holdings Limited, (left) is re-appointed Industrial Fellow

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-5

    Mr Donald TONG, VTC Executive Director, gives the closing remarks

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-6

    Awardees of the WMG School Scholarship and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) Scholarship

  • WMG-Awards-Master’s-Degrees-and-Honours-Outstanding-Industrialists-29-March-2023-7

    Professor Roy CHUNG (left) and The Hon Andrew LEUNG (right) are the Industrial Professors of WMG, the University of Warwick

The renowned University of Warwick from the UK held the WMG Graduation Ceremony 2023 in Hong Kong on 27 March, where Master’s degrees were conferred on graduates from Hong Kong. Industrial Fellowships were also presented to two distinguished personalities at the ceremony in recognition of their significant contributions to the academic and the industrial sectors.

The ceremony was officiated by Professor Roy CHUNG Chi-ping, Chairman, WMG School for Professional Development Office Steering Group. This year, 14 students studying Programme and Project Management* and International Technology Management were conferred with Master’s degrees and related qualifications by the University. These programmes were offered in the WMG School for Professional Development jointly established by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) and the University of Warwick.

In his opening address, Dr Chung encouraged students to pay attention to the unique opportunities presented by the Greater Bay Area. “This Region represents a hub of innovation, commerce, and culture, and it offers a wealth of opportunities for projects in diverse fields such as technology innovation, IT, engineering and more. WMG graduates are well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and to play a vital role in driving innovation and growth in the Greater Bay Area,” he said.

Three outstanding industrialists were re-appointed as Industrial Fellows by the University this year namely Dr Daniel YIP Chung-yin, Managing Director of G.E.W. International Corporation Limited, Mr Johnny YEUNG Chi-hung, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fujikon Industrial Holdings Limited, and Dr Clement CHEN, Managing Director of Tai Hing Cotton Mill Limited, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the academic and industrial sectors.

Four students were awarded the WMG School Scholarship at the ceremony. The scholarship is open for degree graduates from local and non-local universities who have obtained first-class honours in their undergraduate studies, or achieved outstanding and recognised accomplishments in their professions.

Furthermore, three students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and achievement in their respective professions were awarded the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) Scholarship. The Scholarship aims to encourage lifelong learning among employees of FHKI member companies.

The WMG programmes are taught by the University of Warwick’s teaching staff from the UK. Students also have an opportunity to study one to two modules at Warwick’s campus in the UK. Students can choose to complete an MSc programme in full-time or part-time mode.

Established in 1982, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) is the largest vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong. The mission of VTC is to provide a valued choice to school leavers and working people to acquire the values, knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and enhanced employability, and also to provide support to industries for their manpower development. VTC has 13 member institutions, namely the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK)the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE)the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)the Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI),  the Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI)the International Culinary Institute (ICI)the Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI)Youth CollegePro-Act by VTCthe Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC) and the Shine Skills Centre.


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*MSc in Programme and Project Management (Reg. no. 251907). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which these courses may lead.