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VTC supports the enactment of the Basic Law Article 23 legislation

Latest updated 22 Feb 2024

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) supports the Government’s legislative work and commencement of public consultation on Article 23 of the Basic Law, which will provide a solid and clear legal foundation for safeguarding national security, strengthening the rule of law, and ensuring the steadfast and successful implementation of "One Country, Two Systems" in Hong Kong.

The legislation on the Basic Law Article 23 will complement the Hong Kong National Security Law, enhancing national security and defense against various potential security threats.

The VTC agrees that a sound legal system is the backbone of educational, economic and social development. The Article 23 legislation is conducive to creating a stable and safe environment for cultivating talents, thereby promoting the long-term development of Hong Kong.

The VTC trusts that the Government will continue to explain in detail the proposed legislation to stakeholders. While the VTC will work in line with the Government policies to help Hong Kong fulfill its constitutional responsibility in safeguarding national security for the city’s sustainable development, we encourage different sectors of the community to actively participate in the public consultation on the Basic Law Article 23 legislation with a view to reaching a consensus through rational and pragmatic discussions.

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