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VTC holds Flag Raising Ceremony to celebrate the coming of 2023

  • VTC-holds-Flag-Raising-Ceremony-to-celebrate-the-coming-of-2023-31-Dec-2022-03

    VTC holds the national flag raising ceremony on campus today

  • VTC-holds-Flag-Raising-Ceremony-to-celebrate-the-coming-of-2023-31-Dec-2022-04

    VTC holds the national flag raising ceremony on campus today

  • VTC-holds-Flag-Raising-Ceremony-to-celebrate-the-coming-of-2023-31-Dec-2022-05

    More than 20 VTC staff and students are appointed as the members of VTC Flag Raising Team today, help Council to conduct the national flag raising ceremony on important days and special occasions. (First Row) VTC Chairman Mr Tony TAI (Middle), VTC Deputy Chairman Mr Paul CHONG (Third from right), VTC Executive Director Mr Donald TONG (Third from left) and management witness onsite

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) held a flag raising ceremony on campus today (31 December) whereby VTC Chairman, Mr Tony TAI, Council Members, Executive Director, staff and students assembled to celebrate the coming of the new year and wish for the continued prosperity and vitality of our country and Hong Kong. VTC also took the opportunity to hold the VTC Flag Raising Team Appointment Ceremony with more than 20 staff and students being appointed to conduct the national flag raising ceremony on important days and special occasions, as well as promoting national education and fostering the sense of belonging to the country.

Chairman Tai joined VTC colleagues after the flag raising ceremony to chat about the future development of the VTC. He remarked that the HKSAR Government has recently released its first Youth Development Blueprint. Concrete actions and measures have been put forward in order to nurture a new generation of young people in Hong Kong with global perspective, an aspiring mind-set and positive thinking, so that they could unleash their full potential in society and contribute to Hong Kong, the country and the world. In line with the policies and initiatives of the country and the HKSAR Government, the VTC will continue to consolidate and strengthen the collaboration and connection with various stakeholders, and deepen the cooperation with cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, so as to enhance the quality of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET), in addition to broadening learning experiences and development opportunities for students and staff.

The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the VTC. As a wrap-up, a video show was also arranged after the ceremony to showcase the exciting highlights of VTC’s year-long celebration events, including the VTC Future Skills Community Event, the VTC 40th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony, the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, the VTC 40th Anniversary Concert and the VTC 2022 Graduation Ceremonies, gathering staff and students together to celebrate the past and look into the future of scaling new heights for the development of VPET.

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