Student Sharing

Being awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Persons, I will continue to give my best to the society.

“In 2010, I won the Ten Outstanding Young Persons award, offered in recognition of my achievements and contributions in environmental research, education and social services. To give back to our society, I will continue to work hard, striving to improve our environment, conserve biodiversity and help nurture more professional talents.”

Professor Kenneth Leung, JP
Graduate in Environmental Studies, Technical Institute
Acting Head and Chair Professor, Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong
Director, State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution, City University of Hong Kong
Honourary Professor, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Kenneth Leung JP

I will contribute my professional knowledge to serve the community!

 “Professionalism means the capability to apply the highest standards of practice, coupled with the determination to meet high ethical standards and make a positive impact on the society. Grateful for what the society has nurtured in me, I am serving on the boards of several public and social organisations to contribute my two cents back to the community.”


Rosanna Choi
Graduate in Accountancy, Technical Institute
Founding Partner, CW CPA

Rosanna Choi

Scholarship in the past has made me what I am now!

“I am grateful for all who have helped me in my formative years. Besides making donations to my alma mater, I also provide various learning opportunities to younger alumni at my workplace. I will strive towards the goal of improving our everyday life with information technology, in order to meet the expectations of Alistair Harvey Foundation.”

Dennis Kwan
Graduate in Information Technology, IVE
Co-founder and Engineering Director, QBS System Limited

Dennis Kwan

IVElite has made me a proactive, goal-oriented person

“Under teacher’s nomination, I have the precious opportunity to join IVElite, an outcome-based student development programme, where we learnt to formulate our own learning objectives, learning plan and based on which to evaluate its effectiveness. From conceptualisation, preparation, publicity to staging of the event, we worked closely with each other and overcame many issues encountered.

It was from these challenging teamwork experiences that we realised the importance of goal-setting. As long as objectives are clearly defined, members would be more proactive and willing to work together, a lot of the tough issues and challenge could then be easily resolved.”

Yang Sheau Ru
Student of Higher Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management, IVE

Yang Sheau Ru

Participating in the WorldSkills Competition and interacting with other young competitors from around the world have benefited me extensively

“It has been a great honour for me to represent Hong Kong to participate in the WorldSkills Competition held in Leipzig, Germany, which is regarded as the “Skill Olympics”. The competition was beyond technical expertise exchange with participants from different countries and regions. It has given me the chance to raise my skills to international standard. It has also strengthened my stress management skills and my ability to adapt to changes which cannot be learned simply from books. I believe this will offer me an enhanced edge in my future development.”

Chan Nga Sin
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Health and Beauty Therapy, IVE
WorldSkills Competition Medallion for Excellence (Beauty Therapy)

Chan Nga Sin

The scholarship I was awarded changed my mother’s perception of me!

"Owing to financial difficulties, I was not able to afford my own set of graphic tools, and was forced to stay behind in campus to complete my school work. My hard work has finally paid off when I was awarded the CYMA Charity Fund Scholarship, a recognition for the extensive academic improvements I made. The Scholarship changed my mother’s perception of me, when she realised what a hardworking daughter she had! Gaining my mother’s recognition and praise has bolstered my morale as well.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Foundation which has made a huge difference in my life as it has done for many other students and their families.”

Tsui Cheuk Yi
Student of Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology, IVE

Tsui Cheuk Yu

The relief fund eased my financial predicament, so that I could concentrate on my studies and eventually obtain a scholarship!

“My family receives the government’s Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and my mother has been chronically ill. During my first year at IVE, given the additional expenses I incurred, I had to take on various part-time jobs in order to make ends meet. This had caused a significant drop in my academic performance in my first year. I felt utterly despaired and helpless under the heavy financial burden I shouldered.

Through the referral of my lecturer, I received the support of the Resilience Bursary which brought immediate relief to my financial hardship. It also allowed me to quit my part-time jobs to focus on my studies. In the year after receiving my bursary, my grades improved substantially. Due to my academic excellence, I was recommended for and eventually granted the Dr Pak Wai, Martin Scholarship.

I am truly grateful to the Resilience Bursary for the assistance it offered me in my most difficult moments. I look forward to the day when I can give other needy students a helping hand, and the encouragement they require to continue striving forward.”

Leung Nga Ting
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Child Care and Education, IVE

Leung Nga Ting

Thanks for the scholarship – it is a great encouragement to me!

“After completing my Higher Diploma studies, I will continue to pursue university study. I have set my sights on a career in education in the hope that every child in Hong Kong, regardless of race, will be given an equal learning opportunity and that the city will become more harmonious. I would like to thank HSBC for granting me the scholarship, which comes as a great encouragement to me!”

Mendoza Geraldine Buenaobra
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Child Care and Education, IVE

1_Mendoza Geraldine Buenaobra

The scholarship supported me to actively participate in various activities, which widened my horizons!

“I have progressed from the Diploma of Foundation Studies to Higher Diploma study. Due to the scholarship I received, I can concentrate on my studies yet find time to participate in experiential activities, like the Speak for Success Programme, Wofoo Leaders’ Network, and Cultural and Experiential Trip to North Korea. Through these, I have widened my horizons and improved speaking and leadership skills, to make me a better person. My heartfelt thanks to Professor Roy Chung Chi Ping, Chairman of the Bright Future Charitable Foundation, for making all these possible to me!”

Chan Hon Ping
Student of Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, IVE

2_Chan Hon Ping

The bursary allows me to focus on my studies. My family feels proud of my great improvement!

“Thanks to the Wu Jieh Yee Bursary, I no longer need to be obliged to do part-time work. The hard work and focus I put into my studies have produced results to make me and my family proud. It is my ambition to pursue a career in aviation, through which I can contribute to the strengthening of Hong Kong’s role as an international aviation hub.”

Ng Lai Ping
Student of Higher Diploma in Customer Services for Aviation and Passenger Transport, IVE

3_Ng Lai Ping

The practical training I received in Beijing has greatly boosted my self-confidence.

“I took part in a full-time practical training job with a digital products magazine in Beijing, under the sponsorship of the Wofoo Leaders’ Network practical training programme for Hong Kong tertiary students in mainland China during the summer vacation. It offered me the opportunities to learn facts gathering, commentary writing, PR communications and other related skills as well as some mainland colloquial expressions. I learned much every time I wrote an article. Whenever my articles were published, I felt immensely fulfilled and proud!”

Wong Ching Yin
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Sales and Marketing, IVE

4_Wong Ching Yin

The Speak for Success training has improved my public speaking skills substantially

“I used to believe that public speaking was as simple as holding an ordinary conversation. But at the Speak for Success Workshop, I had to give a self-introduction speech in three minutes, and it was only then that I realised how tough it was to organise my thoughts coherently and express them succinctly in words.

After undergoing the training and repeated practices, I have now grasped the techniques of using eye expressions, hand gestures and vocal inflections in synchrony to express myself better. Thanks for the opportunity to attend this workshop, my public speaking skills have improved substantially. Now, I am confident of my ability to deliver a speech on the spot, be it in a face-to-face interview or a presentation!”

Fung Dor Ka
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Financial Planning and Investment, IVE

5_Fung Dor Ka

I wish to thank the Foundation for supporting my studies at the University of Cambridge to realise my dreams!

“Under the Alistair Harvey Foundation’s support, I further my education in the University of Cambridge for an MPhil course in Advanced Computer Science to realise my dreams. My learning experience in Cambridge has since inspired me to look at things with an open mind. My research undertakings also trained me to weigh issues and seek solutions from multiple perspectives. Such a prudent mindset has proven beneficial in my current work, where I dedicate my efforts to improve the quality of people’s life with technology.”

Lam Chung Leung
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Software Engineering, IVE

6_Lam Chung Leung

Integrating theory and practice is conducive to better learning outcomes.

“Thanks to the financing from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Heavy Vehicles Emissions Testing & Research Centre was established to provide students with cutting-edge equipment and facilities to conduct application-based research.

Of the various vehicle inspections I came across, I was most impressed with the testing of emission levels from different bus models. Newer buses can emit more emissions for various reasons, including mechanical wear and tear, level of vehicle maintenance, number of traffic lights on a bus route, and road designs. By collecting pollutants emission data and analysing it scientifically, we can find ways to improve the vehicle emissions problem.

I am most delighted that what I have learnt not only provides me with career options in the automotive design, manufacturing and operational management areas, but also the opportunity to play my part in protecting the environment!”

Chan Wai Leong
Student of Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering, IVE

7_Chan Wai Leong