The Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship

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Wind beneath wings

The Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship was established in 2004 to provide academically bright and talented VTC students with the financial support to pursue bachelor’s or even master’s degree in the UK.  Covering tuition fee, accommodation and living allowances, the scholarship enables students to study abroad and realise their dreams. 

Ignited the passion for research

Timothy Shuen was awarded the scholarship to study biotechnology in the UK, where the learning scope was extraordinarily vast, covering knowledge application for improving the life of mankind to the conversion of bioscience concepts into business opportunities, incorporating elements like accounting and cost computation, with the emphasis on practical application.  This subject reflected real-life needs, and opened up a brand new world for him.

After graduating from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), he completed his bachelor’s and master’s programmes in the UK, and took up a doctorate programme with The University of Hong Kong.  Presently engaged in cancer research work in Singapore, Timothy described his progression as a valuable journey. “Studying in IVE laid an important foundation for me.  And the scholarship offered the chance for me to study abroad, ignited my passion for research and bolstered my confidence to take up my doctorate studies.  Without the financial means afforded by the scholarship, it would not be possible for me to have such achievements!”

Bringing in new technology for industry advancement

Another scholarship recipient Josh Ho chose to study civil engineering.  The atmosphere of proactive, independent learning there not only broadened his horizons, but also motivated him to work harder academically.  With the strength of his outstanding attainment, Josh was later admitted into a world-class university, the Imperial College London, where he studied for a master’s degree. “It has always been my aspiration to bring in new technology, mindset and concepts to industry in order to push for advancement and progress,” he said.  

After graduation, he returned to Hong Kong for employment.  He hoped that with the considerable experience and credentials he has accumulated, he would be able to introduce new technologies to mainland China and other developing countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia.  At present, the way he repays the society is to be a mentor with IVE, his alma mater, where he could share the knowledge and learning gained from his UK education, with his younger counterparts. “If I could find a way to inspire them in learning, the potential they unleash would be infinite!” He is now actively involved in voluntary work with several groups, helping to nurture the younger generations and contributing to the developments of industry.