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Security and Disciplined Services Training Board - Terms of Reference

  1. To determine the manpower demand of the industry, including the collection and analysis of relevant manpower and student/trainee statistics and information on socio-economic, technological and labour market developments.
  2. To assess and review whether the manpower supply for the industry matches with the manpower demand.
  3. To recommend to the Vocational Training Council (the Council) the development of vocational and professional education and training (VPET) facilities to meet the assessed manpower demand.
  4. To advise the Council on the strategic development and quality assurance of its programmes in the relevant disciplines.
  5. To prescribe job specifications for the principal jobs in the industry defining the skills and knowledge and advise on relevant training programme specifying the time a trainee needs to spend on each skill elements.
  6. To tender advice in respect of skill assessments, trade tests and certification for in-service workers, apprentices and trainees, for the purpose of ascertaining that the specified skill standards have been attained.
  7. To advise on the conduct of skill competitions in key trades in the industry for the promotion of VPET as well as participation in international competitions.
  8. To liaise with relevant bodies, including employers, employers' associations, trade unions, professional institutions, training and educational institutions and government departments, on matters pertaining to the development and promotion of VPET in the industry.
  9. To organise seminars/conferences/symposia on VPET for the industry.
  10. To advise on the publicity relating to the activities of the Training Board and relevant VPET programmes of the Council.
  11. To submit to the Council an annual report on the Training Board's work and its recommendations on the strategies for programmes in the relevant disciplines.
  12. To undertake any other functions delegated by the Council in accordance with Section 7 of the Vocational Training Council Ordinance.