Governance Structure

The 146th Meeting (Date of Meeting: 23 March 2023)


  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 145th Meeting held on 15 December 2022
  2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 145th Meeting
  3. Reports by the Chairmen of Council’s Committees and Board and the Executive Director:

(i) Report by the Chairman of the Audit Committee
(ii) Report by the Chairman of the Estates Committee
(iii) Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee
(iv) Report by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Council’s Provident Fund Scheme (1999)
(v) Report by the Executive Director


Items for Discussion

  1. VTC Strategic Planning Exercise 2023 (Paper VTC 3/2023) (Confidential)
  2. Acceptance of Tender for the Project Management Consultancy Services for the Development of New Campus of Vocational Training Council at Kowloon East (Cha Kwo Ling) (Paper VTC 4/2023) (Restricted Tenders)
  3. Confidential Item
  4. Proposed Change of Contribution Allocation Percentage between Investment Managers of Plan A of the VTC Provident Fund Scheme (1999) (Paper VTC 6/2023) (Restricted)
  5. Proposed Provision of Senior Staff Quarters as an Option for Staff on Old Remuneration Package in lieu of Private Tenancy Allowance (Paper VTC 7/2023) (Confidential)


Items for Information

  1. Media Coverage on VTC (December 2022 – March 2023) (Paper VTC (INF) 1/2023) (Restricted)
  2. Report on Staff Complaints (Paper VTC (INF) 2/2023) (Confidential)
  3. Any Other Business