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Diploma of Vocational Education Programmes

Overview of Diploma of Vocational Education Programmes

Seventeen Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) programmes covering Business and Services, Engineering, and Design and Information Technology, cater for a broad range of interests and demands of the society. Students may also join the specialised stream in their chosen programme that best suit their development needs. For some modules of the programmes, the medium of instruction and assessments is Chinese. Secondary 6 school leavers can normally obtain a DVE award through one year (three semesters) of full-time study.

Articulation and Employment


Holders of DVE are considered having met the general entrance requirements of Higher Diploma programmes (not applicable to programmes with specific entrance requirements). DVE Students who have not obtained Level 2 or above in Mathematics in HKDSE examination may consider taking the optional module “Mathematics 3E: Mathematics for Further Studies” for the eligibility to apply for VTC’s Higher Diploma Programmes which require Level 2 or above in HKDSE Mathematics as one of their general entry requirements. The DVE students are entitled to be granted module exemptions when they complete the respective programme and pursue further studies in HD programmes in the relevant subject area.


Holders of the DVE award may choose to seek employment. Some graduates may pursue further part-time studies while employed.