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Young skilled talent recognised in WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition and gearing up for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022

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    Winners are honoured in the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition Prize Presentation Ceremony. Attending guests wish Team Hong Kong every success in the WorldSkills Competition to be held in Shanghai next year

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    Dr Clement CHEN, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Youth Skills Competition, encourages the winners to strive for the best and gear up for the chance to represent Hong Kong in WorldSkills Shanghai 2022, competing with the skilled talent around the globe

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    SO Kin-wa (Left), one of the winners of “Digital Construction”, a new competition skill of the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition this year, is a graduate of the IVE Higher Diploma in Surveying programme. Currently working as a BIM technician in a surveying firm, he is practising hard on BIM software to obtain a ticket to the WorldSkills Competition. The photo shows Brian LEUNG, expert of “Digital Construction” skill, on the right

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    YU Tsz-yi, graduate of the HKDI Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology programme, is a winner of the “Jewellery” skill in the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition this year. She receives practical training in a workshop during her internship with a jewellery firm arranged by HKDI

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    Three winners from the “Mechatronics” and “Mobile Robotics” skills as well as an IVE Higher Diploma graduate in Mechanical Engineering programme made their pitch in the “BeChangeMaker 2021”, a social entrepreneurship acceleration programme organised by the WorldSkills International. Together, they presented an arch-shaped house made by 3D printing technology (Photo 8) to help build a house for the needy in the Philippines, which landed them in the final 15 round

The WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition Prize Presentation Ceremony was held yesterday (27 November). Nearly 400 young talent took part in 34 competition skills, marking a record number of skills and contestants. Winners were awarded at the ceremony and they may be selected for the 46th WorldSkills Competition to be held in Shanghai next year to compete with young skilled talent worldwide.

In line with industry and technology development, the competition added three new skills this year, namely “Digital Construction”, “Mobile Applications Development” and “Rail Vehicle Technology”. The WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition gave awards to a total of 118 winners, who were the top scoring competitors from each competition skill. In the coming year, these winners will undergo further skills training for the chance to represent Hong Kong in the WorldSkills Competition to be held next year.

On the occasion, Dr Clement CHEN, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Youth Skills Competition noted that 2021 was named the “Year of Innovation” by the WorldSkills International. In line with this theme of innovation, the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition has introduced, for the first time, virtual competition, online assessment, live broadcast of some competitions, as well as webinars. In WorldSkills Conference 2021 held in October, Hong Kong was mentioned for the effort made in technology and innovation. Dr Chen also congratulated the winners for their persistence and grit in undergoing rigorous training, which enabled them to shine among skilled young people. He further encouraged the winners to strive for the best and gear up for the chance to represent Hong Kong, competing with the skilled talent around the globe.

One of the winners of the “Digital Construction” skill, SO Kin-wa, is a graduate of the Higher Diploma in Surveying programme with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE). The competition assesses competitiors’ application of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to complete the design and development of a construction project. Contestants are required to create a construction model with the aid of software and hardware, visualise construction data and information, and execute project management plans within a designated time. Kin-wa said, “BIM is a new construction technology. As I have learnt about it at IVE and I need to draw models with BIM in my current job, I am confident with my performance in the competition. I had to complete a spate of tasks within four hours which is really challenging.” During his studies with IVE, he was given an internship with the BIM department of a surveying firm. With his outstanding performance, he was engaged as full-time BIM technician upon graduation. Apart from drafting BIM models, Kin-wa’s present duties include using BIM software to assess the quantities of building works, which help with his preparation for competition. He is now brushing up his BIM know-how in the hope of moving up to the global tournament for an eye-opening experience.

Team Hong Kong has achieved outstanding results in different editions of the WorldSkills Competition. Taking the “Jewellery” skill for example, the competitors from Hong Kong won Medallion for Excellence in WorldSkills Kazan 2019 and clinched Gold Medal in WorldSkills Helsinki 2005. This year, graduate of the Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology programme with Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), YU Tsz-yi, is one of the winners of the “Jewellery” competition skill of the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition. Attracted to retro accessories from a young age, she enrolled on the Applied Learning course in Display and Jewellery Design in secondary school. She utilised what she learnt to craft a pendant for her mum. At HKDI, an internship was arranged for Tsz-yi with a jewellery firm. She received practical training in the workshop and learnt how to use professional equipment for work like wax carving and gemstone setting, and benefitted much from the coaching on craftsmanship by jewellery making masters. Tsz-yi noted, “I am now actively prepping for the competition, practising and strengthening my skills in jewellery making and welding in order to obtain a ticket to the global tournament.”

Apart from organising the biennial “WorldSkills Competition” to promote the value of skills, the WorldSkills International also hosts the “BeChangeMaker”project, a social entrepreneurship acceleration programme that encourages young people to make good use of their skills and professional knowledge to tackle global challenges related to issues like poverty and sustainable development through innovative solutions. “BeChangeMaker 2021” drew some 400 teams from 60 countries and regions including Germany, Denmark, Spain and India. Participating teams were provided training on design thinking, business promotion and entrepreneurial strategies to help polish their ideas. At the prize presentation ceremony held yesterday, one of the winners from the “Mechatronics” skill, LUI Shing-faat, shared his experience of participating in “BeChangeMaker 2021”. He formed a team with 3 other IVE graduates and developed a project named “Dream Machine” pitching an arch-shaped house made by 3D printing technology to help build a house for the needy in the Philippines affected by hurricanes and flooding. Their flexible and cost-effective creative solution made it to the final 15.

Organised by the Vocational Training Council (VTC), the Construction Industry Council and the Clothing Industry Training Authority, the WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition is committed to providing a platform for young people aged 20 or below to benchmark their professional levels as well as to compare notes and exchange ideas with peers. WorldSkills Kazan held in August 2019 attracted over 1,300 competitors from over 60 countries and regions, fiercely contesting in 56 skills. Team Hong Kong took home 11 Medallions for Excellence. Since first joining the WorldSkills Competition in 1997, Team Hong Kong has won two Gold, one Silver, five Bronze prizes and 59 Medallions for Excellence.

Established in 1982, the Vocational Training Council (VTC) is the largest vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong. The mission of VTC is to provide a valued choice to school leavers and working people to acquire the values, knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and enhanced employability, and also to provide support to industries for their manpower development. VTC has 13 member institutions, namely the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) , the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) , the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE), the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) , the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) , the Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI) , the Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) , the International Culinary Institute (ICI) , the Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI) , Youth College , Pro-Act by VTC , the Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC) and the Shine Skills Centre.

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Appendix “WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition” Winners’ List

Competition Skills Winners
3D Digital Game Art  CHAN Ting-kwan, Oscar CHUNG Shing-hei, WONG Cheuk-nam
Aircraft Maintenance  CHIU Chun-wah, GU Jintian, Jackie LO Sui-ki
Beauty Therapy KWOK Ngan-song, LIAO Wa-lai, LO Kwan-yi, NG Shuk-ying, POON Wing-chi
Bricklaying CHEUK King-lam, NG Shue-ho, WU Zelin
Car Painting CHAN Cheuk-fung, CHAN Ho-fai, LEUNG Ka-tin
Cloud Computing CHEUNG Kam-hung, LEE Wang, NG Sin-ching
Concrete Construction Work KWOK Wong-hoi, SO Chi-lam, WONG Sik-nin, YUNG Ka-wing
Cooking CHAN Leong, LEE Maan-ki, LO Tsz-hei
Cyber Security AU Shun-yi, HUNG Hiu-ping, TSANG Wai-yee
Digital Construction LAU Kwong-piu, LEUNG Hon-man, SO Kin-wa
Electrical Installations CHAN Ho-yin, LIU Guanqing, NGAI Wai-kuen
Fashion Technology CHOW Wing-sum, HUNG Ka-ki, LIMBU Nisham
Game Level Programming CHOW Pak-him, KWOK Kin-shing, LEE Kwan-hung
Graphic Design Technology LEUNG Ho-yee, LUK Ching-yuen, WONG Hei-yu, WONG Hoi-wai, WONG Kin-wing, WONG Man-chung
Hairdressing FUNG Tsun-yin, KUNG Wing-ho, LEE Ka-ho
Information Network Cabling CHAN Siu-wai, NG Ho-cheong, WAN Ka-chuen
IT Software Solutions for Business NG Ching-yi, TSUI Ming-chun, WONG Ka-shing
Jewellery HON Ki-lung, MAN Ka-yan, YU Tsz-yi
Joinery CHEN Site, FAN Ka-kuen
Mechanical Engineering CAD CHAN Wai-yin, IP Cheuk-lun, LI Kwok-leung
Mechatronics LEUNG Si-him, LIU Chun-pang, LUI Shing-faat, YIU Hoi-kin
Mobile Applications Development CHAN Kian, LEE Chak-kei, NG Ka-yin
Mobile Robotics CHAN Chi-wai, CHAN Pak-hong, CHENG Hok-ming, Gavin LUI Ka-kit, SHEK Ching-yee
Painting and Decorating AU YEUNG Man-chun, HUNG On-ying, ZHANG Shifeng
Pâtisserie and Confectionery CHIU Ka-man, FAN Mei-yee, MUNG Fuk-hoi
Plumbing and Heating LAI Ming-to, NG Ka-san, WONG Chak-ho
Print Media Technology Eldon LAU Cheuk-hei, LAU Tsz-man, WONG On-ying
Rail Vehicle Technology CHAN Ho-wing, Terence CHAN Ting-leong, CHAN Tsz-ho, HO Chi-hang, KOON Ho, LI Chun-wai, SHIH Nang-wun, WOO Leong-sing
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning CHAN Wai-yu, CHI Chun-chung, NG Yin-kit, WONG Ka-hei
Restaurant Service CHENG Hoi-ying, Alex CHENG Kwong-yu, LEE Nigel William, SO Tsz-yu, TANG Pak-shun
Visual Merchandising CHENG Tsz-ting, LEE Yan-ting, LEUNG Ka-yu
Wall and Floor Tiling CHEUNG Wing-hin, KOO Chun-kin, YUE Kai-ho
Web Technologies FAN Cheuk-pan, LAW Chi-shek, WONG Ka-hing
Welding CHAN Kwun-yu, CHOI Jake, LAM Man-chun