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Vplus Subsidy Scheme encourages practitioners in engineering and creative industries of upskilling

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    Applications are now being invited for part-time evening programmes offered by VTC in academic year 2019/20

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    The newly rolled-out Vplus Creative Industries Scheme provides in-service practitioners with 60% tuition fee subsidy when successfully applying to study designated part-time design and Information Technology programmes, subject to a maximum of HK$36,000 per person

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    The Vplus Engineering Scheme succeeds the previous Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme and continues to provide subsidies for students studying designated part-time programmes in construction, engineering and technology

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) offers part-time-evening programmes in academic year 2019/20 at levels ranging from Higher Diploma to Professional Diploma and Certificate, Diploma of Foundation Studies and Diploma of Vocational Education. Specialised areas include applied science, business administration, childcare, and elderly and community services, as well as hospitality. These programmes provide a balanced mix of theory and practice, offering recognised qualifications to meet industry needs.

With a view to encouraging lifelong learning among in-service practitioners in the creative and engineering industries, the VTC will roll out a Vplus Subsidy Scheme in the new academic year. It will help finance the study of designated VTC part-time programmes in the areas of design, information technology (IT), engineering and construction studies for participants’ upskilling and lifelong learning.

The Scheme consists of two parts, namely the Vplus Creative Industries and the Vplus Engineering. The latter is a continuation of the Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS) first established in academic year 2016/17. Eligible students can enjoy a maximum of 60% tuition fee reimbursement supported by the Government. Successful applicants who have completed the study of designated part-time design and Information Technology programmes under the Vplus Creative Industries Scheme will be eligible for tuition fee reimbursement, up to a maximum of HK$36,000 per person. Diversified programme choices include Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Information and Communications Technology, Multimedia and Entertainment Technology, Visual Effects Design and more.

The Vplus Engineering Scheme succeeds the previous Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme and continues to provide subsidies for students studying designated part-time programmes in construction, engineering or technology, up to a maximum of HK$45,000 per person. Professional programmes are covered in areas of construction engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, building services engineering, building information modelling, plumbing engineering, aviation operations or industrialisation 4.0.

Application details for VTC part-time evening programmes:

Date: Applications are now being invited
Application Details: Applications through Admissions Homepage:
Enquiries: Vplus Creative Industries
(Design) 3928 2777 / (IT) 2595 2536
Vplus Engineering 2435 9423
Other admission enquiries: 2897 6111
Website: For details and application arrangement of the Vplus Subsidy Scheme, please visit

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