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Awardees of 2019 Best Apprentice Competition to go on study trip to Germany

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    Guest of Honour, Acting Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services PANG Yiu-hung (first from left), and Chairman of the VTC Automobile Training Board Wilson LAM Kit (first from right) pose with the six winners of the 2019 Best Apprentice Competition. The six winners will be awarded a tour of automobile plants and exhibition halls in Germany.

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    Guest of Honour, Acting Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services PANG Yiu-hung, says that apprentices can become new forces of the automobile industry through active participation in different skills competitions

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    Chairman of VTC Automobile Training Board Wilson LAM Kit notes that there will be a steady manpower demand for the automobile industry in the future. He encourages apprentices to keep abreast of latest industry developments for a bright career

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    The Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician group competition tests apprentices’ professional skills in engine maintenance, braking systems maintenance, and diagnosis and recovery of faulty engines

Organised by the Automobile Training Board under the Vocational Training Council (VTC), the 2019 Best Apprentice Competition was held last Friday (1 November). Six apprentices received awards for their excellence in vehicle maintenance skills. They will join a tour to Stuttgart in Germany early next year to visit local automotive plants and exhibition halls, where they can learn about latest technologies in the motor industry and upgrade their professional skills.

A total of 43 apprentices from different companies participated in this year’s Best Apprentice Competition. Twelve were shortlisted to compete in the final for six prizes in two groups, namely the Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician group and Vehicle Body Repairer/Painter group. Among them, six winners were conferred with the honour of Best Apprentices.

The Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician competition tested apprentices’ professional skills in engine performance measurement and maintenance, braking and electrical systems repair, and diagnosis and recovery of faulty engines. Meanwhile, the Vehicle Body Repairer/Painter competition focused on the replacement and adjustment of doors, bodywork welding, repairing damaged body panels and car painting.

Guest of Honour, Acting Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services PANG Yiu-hung, noted out in his speech that industries nowadays, in particular the engineering industry, placed high value on craftsmanship skills, efficiency and quality. Through their active participation in skills contests like the Best Apprentice Competition and WorldSkills Competition, the industry could boost practitioners’ skills and widen their horizons and personal experiences. He hoped the young apprentices could continue to equip themselves well and keep a close eye on the latest trends in automobile technologies, so as to become future forces of the industry.

Chairman of VTC’s Automobile Training Board Wilson LAM Kit observed in his speech that according to the Board’s latest survey, manpower demand in the automotive maintenance industry would remain steady in the future. As the technology of electric cars and hybrid vehicles develop rapidly, LAM expected to see a pressing manpower demand in this field. Lam encouraged the apprentices, saying “If the apprentices could join the automobile industry and keep pace with the development of automobile technologies, there will be a bright future ahead.”

Every year the VTC Automobile Training Board arranges the winners of the Best Apprentice Competition to join a study tour overseas, visiting auto plants and exhibition halls. Young people aspiring to join the automobile industry can broaden their horizons and learn about the latest technologies in the industry.

WONG Tsz-tsun, taking the Diploma of Vocational Education (Automotive Technology) at Youth College, a VTC member institution, was Champion of the Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician group. He said, “My skills in vehicle maintenance have been enhanced through taking part in this competition. Receiving the award in this competition can be attributed to the generous support of my employer in providing me with training resources.”

Another Champion in the Vehicle Body Repairer/Painter Group, YU Ho-fung from Youth College who is studying for the Certificate of Vocational Education (Vehicle Body Repair), said he had learnt much about workplace safety and cutting edge car painting technology from the competition. He added that he was looking forward to the study trip in Germany next year, which would enable him to enrich his knowledge of vehicle body production and painting technologies at acclaimed car manufacturers.

Organised for final year apprentices in vehicle mechanic, vehicle electrician, vehicle body repairer and vehicle painter trades, the Competition has been held every year since 1986 with the staunch support of employers and apprentices. The apprentices compete for a total of six awards, namely champion and first, second and third runner-up in the Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician group, and champion and first runner-up in the Vehicle Body Repairer/ Painter group.

The Automobile Training Board is one of 25 training boards under the VTC. The boards conduct regular surveys to collect updated information on the manpower situation of their respective industries to forecast manpower growth, ascertain training demands and formulate proposals to employers, education and training providers to meet the demands for industry professionals.

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Annex:Winners of the 2019 Best Apprentice Competition

Vehicle Mechanic/Electrician Group
Ranking Winner Company
Champion WONG Tsz-tsun Sime Darby Motor Services Limited
First Runner-up TAI Wing-hei Dah Chong Hong (Motor Service Centre) Limited
Second Runner-up TANG Kai-wai Premium Motors Limited
Third Runner-up CHEUNG Yam-to Crown Motors Limited


Vehicle Body Repairer/Painter Group
Ranking Winner Company
Champion YU Ho-fung BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited
First Runner-up LAI Yuanjing Crown Motors Limited