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Announcement of New Directorate Appointment

A new appointment at the Directorate rank has been made with effect from 23 May 2022.

Ms CHEW Kay-tong Natalie

Ms CHEW has been appointed as Assistant Executive Director.  She assumes the role of Director of External Relations Office.  She is responsible for planning and implementing the overall marketing and public relations strategies/campaigns for the Council, striving to build up strong partnerships between the Council and its stakeholders and promote the image of VPET in society.

Ms CHEW is a seasoned sales and marketing leader.  She possesses extensive experience in advising local and multinational enterprises to realize business values through the use of technology, covering a wide range of industries, such as the public sector, insurance, retail, travel and transportation, manufacturing and hospitality industries.  She has a good track record in branding, market development and demand generation.  Prior to this appointment, Ms CHEW has served various local and regional senior executive roles in IBM including Chief Marketing Officer, Sales Leader, Chief Digital Officer, and Client Leader.

Ms CHEW holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (The University of Hong Kong) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (The University of Western Ontario).