The Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (VB) Programmes provide flexible articulation pathways between VPET and academic, and for progression to higher education. With a balanced mix of academic and vocational & professional contents, the programmes provide students aspiring for design or engineering studies with a valued pathway for continued studies and career development.

The programme emphasises nurturing creativity and critical thinking through a variety of pedagogies based on innovative approaches to cater for the diverse learning needs of students, helping young people to translate their aspirations into reality, as well as to build a solid foundation for future studies. The programme adopts a combination of theory-based and practical assessments which give students the opportunity to showcase their skills and apply their knowledge in industry-related contexts. It normally takes around 3 years for a Secondary 3 or Secondary 4 school leaver to complete the VB programme.

International Outlook and Wide Articulation Prospects

The VB programmes equip students with an international perspective and make use of both local and overseas scenarios in learning and teaching. The curriculum is designed with reference to local and international academic standards, including the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework, IGCSE examinations and BTEC diploma programme of the United Kingdom, and adopts English as the medium of instruction for most of its modules. Upon graduation, VB students shall possess the academic standing recognised for both further studies in Hong Kong and overseas, and employment in relevant fields

BTEC: Business and Technology Education Council
IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Note: Upon completion of the VB programme, students can progress to degree or higher diploma programmes in Hong Kong and abroad, subject to their internal and external academic results. Students shall pay attention to the specific entrance requirements of some degree / higher diploma programmes (if applicable).

Balanced Curriculum for Holistic Development

The VB programmes aim to provide students with a balanced development of academic as well as vocational and professional skills and knowledge. To help students build a solid foundation for further study and employment, in addition to strong vocational and professional elements, the curriculum also comprises modules for developing generic competence in the areas of Chinese, English, Mathematics and whole person development. There are also interdisciplinary elements in the programme to inspire students to be inquiring learners and apply the knowledge and skills acquired, unleashing and realising students’ competence in different domains.