Principal's Message

Principal's Message

With tremendous support from the school principals, teachers, parents, and industry practitioners, the establishment of the Youth College (International) was approved by the VTC Council in November 2017 and the Vocational Baccalaureate programmes in Engineering and Design were launched in September 2018.

Examining the education systems of developed countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia, we found that students taking the Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) programmes at the senior secondary level are provided with opportunities for articulation to relevant degree programmes, in addition to employment in industry. The Vocational Baccalaureate, designed with locally and internationally recognized qualifications, provides a new option for secondary school students and equips students with practical skills and competence. Many of them find the conventional academic curriculum unfit for their learning needs. They also aspire to develop their interests as professions through tertiary education, including degree studies.

The Vocational Baccalaureate is more than a new option in the Hong Kong education system. When the Vocational Baccalaureate is delivered, we see students actively engaged in various project-based learning activities. We see them highly motivated to find out solutions for authentic industry-related problems. Students are also blissfully enjoying different extra-curricular activities, such as industry visits, English drama classes and various sports activities. With our strong network with overseas institutes, students have opportunities to participate in international exchange programmes to develop their global mindset and to build friendship with students from different countries. In this regard, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my teaching team members who have dedicated so much time and effort to not only the learning of professional skills and knowledge, but also students’ personal growth and development.

Looking forward, our team will continuously adopt innovative approaches to teaching, secure various articulation pathways for students, solicit more industry support for project-based learning and provide students with more international exposure. Through this website, you can have a glance at the facilities and learning activities provided. We welcome advice and feedback from principals, teachers, parents, industry practitioners, etc.

Jerry Kwok
Youth College (International)