Learning Journey (Mathematics)

Learning Activities

YCI utilises an internationally recognised, innovative learning platform that transforms mathematics education. Students derive significant benefits from captivating activities, games, and assessments, making the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. One of the standout features of the platform is the convenience of completing assigned homework and receiving immediate feedback. This empowers students to learn at their own pace while identifying areas for improvement. Teachers gain valuable insights into the students' learning progress, enabling personalised guidance and support. The platform also provides real-time data, enabling teachers to tailor instruction and ensure that each student receives the attention they need.

To further cultivate students' interest in mathematics, YCI adopts a creative approach by utilising interdisciplinary projects together with mathematics concepts. The 'Flying Captain America Shield' project is an example of the integration of mathematics and 3D design. Through this project, students learn how to calculate the area of a 5-pointed star in their mathematics classes and then apply the ideas back to the construction of their shield in their 3D Design Media, Techniques, and Technology Class.