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Degree Programmes
Self-financed Programmes

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy

Programme code ST125204

The programme provides a solid foundation in academic competence and research capability for students aspiring for further studies. Graduates are eligible to enroll in a taught Master level or to register for research post-graduate degree programmes, such as Master of Science in Chinese Medicines at HKU, Master of Science in Chinese Medicines and Herbal Drugs at CUHK, Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Chinese Medicine at HKBU. Many Chinese Medicine institutions in Mainland China also offer Chinese Medicine post-graduate programmes.
Career Prospects
Graduates may be employed in different technical and management post in CM pharm industry, such as CM pharmacists in clinics, professional QA or QC in pharmaceutical manufactures, officers of testing or authentication, proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) registration officers, etc.  When the graduates accumulate sufficient experience and professional qualifications, they can be promoted to management positions, such as senior CM pharmacists, pharmaceutical production or quality control department managers, testing or authentication officers, technical advisers or technical managers, scientific officers (Chinese medicine), etc.
With the continuing trend of demanding of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, the HKSAR Government has promoted the development of CM Pharm, including the establishment of CM hospitals and Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute, promoting GMP for manufacture of pCm and standardisation of Chinese Materia Medica.  The demand of CM Pharm professionals is very strong.  Therefore, the CM industries not only provide graduates with lots of placements and job opportunities to this programme, but also establish various professional natures so as to benefit to graduates’ career path and provides the opportunities of upward mobility in their career.