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Business Discipline

Higher Diploma in Artiste and Cultural Management

Programme code BA114051

Semester 1:
  • English and Communication: Workplace Interaction
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports 
  • Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement
  • Artiste Management - Styling and Image Design
  • Culture and Pop Culture of Hong Kong
  • Introduction to Performing Arts and Visual Arts
  • Digital Photography
  • Workplace Communication Across Generations
Semester 2:
  • English and Communication: Workplace Correspondence
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing
  • Whole Person Development - Mindshift: Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness (Part A)
  • Digital Marketing in Arts and Cultural Events
  • Video Production
  • Event Staging Techniques
  • Integrated Project
  • Work-integrated Learning
Semester 3:
  • English and Communication: Persuasive Presentations
  • Whole Person Development - Mindshift: Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness (Part B)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sound and Lighting Design for Live Show
  • Work-integrated Learning
  • Enrichment Module B
Semester 4:
  • English and Communication: Reports
  • IT Essentials - Business
  • Enrichment Module A
  • Artiste Management - Operation
  • Event Management and Sponsorship
  • Collaborative Industry Project
  • Work-integrated Learning
Semester 5:
  • English and Communication: Promotional Materials
  • Whole Person Development - Enhancing Competencies in the 21st Century Workplace
  • Arts and Cultural infrastructures and Projects
  • Events Risk Management
  • Audience Building and Data Analytics
  • Arts and Performing Venue Management
  • Collaborative Industry Project