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Degree Programmes
Self-financed Programmes

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nutrition and Healthcare Management

Programme code ST125205

The programme provides a solid foundation in academic competence and research capability for students aspiring for further studies. Graduates are eligible to enroll in various healthcare related professional / Master programmes, such as nursing, clinical nutritional science, dietician, public health, physiotherapy, etc.
Career Prospects
Graduates may hold as administrative posts in Government Departments, public or private medical or healthcare institutions, or work as project officers in rehabilitation centres or wellness and nutrition business organisations. After gaining sufficient work experience, they may be promoted to management level.

With a fast increase in ageing population and a trend of expansion of service by many major hospitals, there is a huge demand for healthcare and nutritional science personnel and specialists. The industry not only provides many job positions to graduates of the programme, they can also have excellent upward mobility opportunities in their career.