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Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate

Overview of Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate Programmes


A New Pathway from Secondary to Higher Education


The Vocational Baccalaureate (VB) programmes prepare students for recognised qualifications for flexible articulation to higher education locally or overseas.

The broad-based curriculum combines generic, vocational and whole person development modules, building a solid foundation for further studies and a professional career ahead.

Progression to Degree and Higher Diploma


Progression to Degree and Higher Diploma


The 3-year VB programmes provide a flexible route to local or overseas universities, or to higher education at one of the VTC’s member institutions.*

*  Please check with individual institutions for details on the entrance requirements.


Broad-based Curriculum Nurtures Professionals of the Future


The VB programmes are delivered in English and specially designed to nurture all-round professional knowledge and personal skills for future success in the workplace. The broad-based curriculum covers core subjects in language and numeric studies, the chosen vocational field and whole person development modules, nurturing flexible, skilled and work-ready young professionals.

Developing your Interest as a Profession


Taking reference from international standards, the VB programmes adopt the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma studies in the fields of Engineering, Design or Sport. Based on individual interest, students will be able to choose from one of the specialist programmes and acquire knowledge and skills through practical project-based learning.




Building a Solid Foundation


In addition to strong vocational and professional elements, the VB programmes place emphasis on the acquisition of language and numeric skills, paving the way for further studies and career development. Students will study English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics at IGCSE level and possess relevant qualifications recognised for further studies locally and overseas.

Know more about BTEC Extended Diploma and IGCSE

Image of Know more about BTEC Extended Diploma and IGCSE

Admission is subject to students’ internal and external academic results.  Please check with individual institutions for any specific entrance requirements.


BTEC: Business and Technology Education Council

IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Image of Multi-cultural Experience for Whole Person Development


Multi-cultural Experience for Whole Person Development


The VB programmes focus on developing students’ international mindset through intercultural communications and learning opportunities. Out-of-classroom community projects and enrichment activities will also be arranged to foster development of soft skills.


Learning is Fun


Using innovative technologies and multimedia resources, the VB programmes feature technology-enhanced learning, adding interactivity and engagement to the learning process. The project-based learning approach encourages design thinking and creative application of knowledge, helping students build confidence in handling real-life challenges.