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    News & Events
    Media Coverage
    Date Subject
    3月2019 IVE酒店及旅遊學科
    “Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 興趣實踐 高級文憑畢業生成酒店旅遊及餐飲業新動力“Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 看準餐飲及展覽旅遊新機遇
    年輕人修讀IVE/ICI高級文憑 開拓理想事業
    “Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 IVE生赴法國酒店實習 學專業精神“Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 歐洲酒店實習 感受文化差異 IVE生︰執房需顧另類房客“Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 IVE女生法國實習
    “Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 IVE生法酒店實習得益多“Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 香港女生赴法國酒店實習
    “Chinese Version Only”
    2月2019 IVE老師教路 酒店走廊盡頭房唔差“Chinese Version Only”
    1月2019 港生杜拜交流 取經帆船酒店 “Chinese Version Only”
    1月2019 IVE酒店及旅遊學科
    聯合業界為學生提供獎學金 成就理想前程
    “Chinese Version Only”
    11月2018 IVE酒店及旅遊學科
    為畢業生提供多元出路 於行業大放異彩
    “Chinese Version Only”
    9月2018 IVE酒店及旅遊學科
    “Chinese Version Only”
    9月2018 酒店管家 旅途上的萬能秘書 “Chinese Version Only”
    8月2018 旅遊及會展業 出路廣闊 動靜皆宜 “Chinese Version Only”
    8月2018 「一橋一鐵」通車 港展覽業全速發展 多元培訓大量招才 “Chinese Version Only”
    7月2018 IVE酒店、服務及旅遊學科
    “Chinese Version Only”
    7月2018 IVE酒店、服務及旅遊學科
    課程配合行業發展 重視海外交流實習
    “Chinese Version Only”
    7月2018 五星酒店入行要訣 人力資源主管:「實習經驗好重要!」“Chinese Version Only”
    7月2018 多元專業課程 邁向理想前程 “Chinese Version Only”
    7月2018 酒店、服務及旅遊業發展蓬勃
    “Chinese Version Only”
    Sept-2017 IVE Hospitality Students Visit to 7-Star Hotel in Dubai Exchange Tour
    Jul-2017 Professional Teaching and Learning Experience at IVE Hospitality Helps Youngsters Develop Career in MICE Industry
    Jul-2017 IVE Hospitality Discipline Adopts Practical Training Provides Multiple Career Pathways
    Jun-2017 Successful Stories of IVE Hospitality Graduates
    May-2017 IVE Hospitality Programmes Help Youngsters to Develop Their Career
    May-2017 Dynamic Tourism Industry Provides Multiple Career Pathways to Youngsters
    Feb-2017 IVE Hospitality Study Programmes Adopt Practical Training, Advance the Competitiveness of Students
    Feb-2017 IVE Hospitality Graduate Develop Interest into Career in Cruise Industry
    Jan-2017 IVE Safety & Hygiene Courses Advance the Competitiveness of Industry Employees
    Nov-2016 Story of Food & Beverage Host in a Theme Park Hotel
    Oct-2016 IVE Hospitality Graduates Develop Careers from Industrial Attachments
    July-2016 IVE Hospitality Internship Opportunities to Broaden Students’ Horizons
    July-2016 Over a Thousand of IVE Hospitality Students Participated in Overseas Exchange Programmes
    July-2016 IVE Graduate Develop the Career in Hotel & Tourism Industry
    July-2016 IVE Hospitality Discipline Adopts Practical Training to all Hospitality related Programmes
    Jun-2016 Ideal Career Prospect in Wine Industry
    Jun-2016 IVE Practical Programmes Help Students Obtain the Latest Industry Knowledge
    May-2016 IVE Study Programmes Help Youngster to Develop Their Careers
    May-2016 IVE Study Programmes Arouse Graduates to Become Hospitality Professionals
    Mar-2016 IVE Helps Graduate to Develop Their Career Path in Wine Industry
    Feb-2016 IVE Graduate Develop Interest Into Career in Hotel and Tourism Industry
    Feb-2016 IVE Study Programmes Arouse Students to Become Professionals in Hotel and Tourism Industry
    Feb-2016 IVE Graduate Develop Interest Into Career in Hospitality Industry
    Feb-2016 The Best Ever Internship Experience in Bordeaux, France
    Feb-2016 IVE Graduate Develop Interest Into Career in Travel Industry
    Dec-2015 IVE Graduate won Asia-Oceania Sommelier Competition
    Sept-2015 Sharing from Hospitality Butlers Programme Graduates
    Sept-2015 Hong Kong Disneyland Develops Your Career Through Magical Missions
    July-2015 IVE Hospitality Graduates Grasp Chances for Job Advancement from Industrial Placement
    July-2015 IVE Unleashes Leisure Management Professionals' Potential Through Theoretical Learning and Practical Training
    July-2015 IVE Disciplines - Bridge to the Prospectus Future
    July-2015 IVE Study Programmes Advance the Competitiveness of Students
    Jun-2015 IVE Hospitality Students Broaden Horizon Through One Semester Overseas Hospitality Training
    Jun-2015 IVE Hospitality Students Explore International Hospitality Management Styles in Australia
    May-2015 IVE Reveals Positive Picture for Young Professionals in Tourism and MICE Industry
    May-2015 Bridge to the Secret of Success – Hotel Operations Programme
    May-2015 Hello Housekeeping! – International Housekeeping Training at VTC
    Mar-2015 Employers Appreciate IVE Graduates as Hospitality Professionals
    Mar-2015 IVE Study Programmes Arouse Secondary Schools Graduates to become Hospitality Professionals
    Mar-2015 IVE Helps Youngster to Develop Their Careers in Tourism Industry
    Jul-2014 Vigorous Growth of Hotel Industry Gives Promising Career to Graduates
    May-2014 IVE Graduate Promoted to Hotel Top Manager in Fast Track
    May-2014 Increasing Demand on Airport Operators in HK
    May-2014 Increasing Demand on Airport Professionals in HK
    Feb-2014 IVE Study Programmes Cultivate Tourism Professional by Industry Accreditation
    Feb-2014 IVE Hospitality Training Cling the Manpower Needs of Travel Industry
    Dec-2013 Interview with IVE Graduates - Career Development in Travel Industry
    Jul-2013 IVE Hospitality Students received Scholarships from Dorsett Hospitality International
    Jul-2013 IVE students develop an international perspective
    Mar-2013 Tomorrow’s Trailblazers – Special Report by PATA Compass
    Feb-2013 Follow your interest and your dream to develop a successful career
    Feb-2013 A growing demand in middle management in Airport Operations
    Feb-2013 Interview with IVE Graduates - Career Path in Leisure Industry
    Jan-2013 IVE Graduate Sharing – How IVE helped me to develop my career
    Oct-2012 IVE Hospitality students learn international cuisine and customer servicing culture in London
    Jul-2012 Students sharing- Hotel and Catering Management Programme
    Jul-2012 Certificate of Professional Butler Programme
    Jun-2012 Disneyland Scholarships to IVE students
    Mar-2012 The Peninsula Chooses IoH Qualification Delivered by IVE Hospitality
    Mar-2012 Bestseller of New Talents Press “Cook Like a Master Chef 2” hits the bookstore
    Aug-2011 Students Sharing from IVE’s Certificate Course in Spa & Swimming Pool Hygiene
    Jul-2011 IVE launching its pioneering course
    Jul-2011 Club House chartered Spa & Swimming Pool Hygiene Course at IVE
    Jul-2011 IVE launched its Certificate Course in Spa & Swimming Pool Hygiene
    Jul-2011 New CIEH courses to boost public safety in Hong Kong