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    The Travel and Tourism industry is the world's largest industry according to industry researchers with an expected growth rate of over 4% per annum in the next 10 years. A major part of this growth is within Asia and the Pacific region. In Hong Kong, the tourism industry is a major pillar of the economy.The Government of HKSAR has invested significantly on new attractions in the past few years with the aim to enhance the drawing power of Hong Kong and to sustain the long-term development of the industry. Tourism is the world's largest industry and is also the largest employer in the world. In Hong Kong alone, it employs more than 190,000 workforce in a wide spectrum of sectors including hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, transportation, theme parks and other tourism destinations, to name a few.

    Leisure and Sports is recognised as one of the fastest growing industries in Hong Kong. The Kai Tak Development Project, the $30 billion Kwun Tong Redevelopment Project, and the West Kowloon Culture Hub are some of the Government’s initiatives to address the soaring demand for leisure products and services. The Government has also incurred substantial investment in sport and recreation programmes as well as building and improving sports facilities of the territory. In conjunction with the rapid development of residential clubhouses, health centers, spa and leisure facilities in the private sectors, there is an ever increasing demand for professionals and trained specialists in providing leisure and sports services.