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Hospitality Discipline

Higher Diploma in Classic Western Cuisine

Programme code HT114302

Semester 1:
  • Classic Cuisines and Cultures
  • Fundamentals in Butchery
  • Fundamentals of Cooking
  • Artisan Bread
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports
  • Essential Workplace Communication: Effective Oral Interaction
Semester 2:
  • Nouvelle French Cuisine
  • Classic European Cuisine
  • Wine & Spirits Fundamentals
  • Essential Workplace Communication: Digital Written Correspondence
Semester 3:
  • Industry Attachment *
  • Scandinavian and Northern European Cuisine
  • French Pastry
  • Professional Workplace Communication: Storytelling and Job Search
Summer Holiday:
  • Industry Attachment *
Semester 4:
  • Sustainable Gastronomy
  • Foundations of Hospitality Superior Service
  • Science of Cooking and Sensory Evaluation
  • Modern Cold Preparations
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing
  • Professional Workplace Communication: Proposal and Report Writing
Semester 5:
  • Classic Western Cuisine Culinary Project
  • Culinary Competition Standards
  • Kitchen Management
  • Professional Workplace Communication: Pitching and Persuasive Presentation
* Depending on the job nature, availability and suitability, Industrial Attachment in a professional dining establishment, either locally or internationally will be arranged at an appropriate time during the period of study.