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Scholarships and Award Schemes

The VTC receives generous donations of scholarships from various partners including the Government of HKSAR, the industries, professional bodies and individuals. Scholarships totaling over HK$50 million are awarded to some 4,000 students in the academic year of 2017/18 in recognition of their outstanding achievements and to encourage their all-rounded development. Besides, the Government of HKSAR has introduced schemes for subsidy on exchange for post-secondary students to subsidise financially needy students to participate in outbound exchange programmes.


Scholarships for New Students

VTC has set up admission scholarship schemes to award and recognise new students enrolling in Degree and Higher Diploma programmes who achieved outstanding results in their academic results prior to joining VTC.

Degree Programme Scholarship Schemes


The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) provides vocationally-oriented degree programmes and is committed to developing the leadership skills and generic competencies of students. The scheme provided for new Year-1 students admitted with outstanding results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Examination offers one-off scholarships of up to HK$80,000 per award.

THEi also has an "Scholarship for Excellent Performance Scheme" for progressing students with value up to HK$40,000, in recognition of their excellent academic achievements in THEi.

Details will be announced later.

Higher Diploma Programme Outstanding Achievements Admission Scholarship Scheme


"Higher Diploma Programme Outstanding Achievements Admission Scholarship” is set up for holders of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), newly-enrolled in full-time Higher Diploma programmes of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), International Culinary Institute (ICI) / Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) and Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI).

Details will be announced later.


With generous donation from the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) Industrial Development Foundation Limited, the “CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories Admission Scholarship” is available to new students who enrolled in VTC Higher Diploma programmes relating to the testing and certification industry.


Details will be announced later.


Entrance Scholarship Scheme is offered to award and recognize new students enrolling in all the full-time self-financed Higher Diploma Programmes of Business Administration Discipline, and full-time self-financed Higher Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management who had outstanding academic performance.

Details will be announced later.





These scholarships assist outstanding VTC students to pursue further studies after their graduation, both locally and overseas, and enable them to realize their career aspirations.


  • Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship

    Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship provides graduates of full-time Higher Diploma programmes in the Applied Science, Engineering, and Information Technology disciplines with financial assistance of up to £27,500 a year for pursuing further studies at universities in the UK. The scholarships cover their tuition and accommodation fees, living expenses and air fares for two academic years.

    Since the establishment of the Scholarship in 2004, more than 130 IVE Higher Diploma graduates have been awarded scholarships under the scheme to complete their undergraduate studies in the UK.

  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships – Vocational Education Scholarship

    The scholarship aims at supporting dedicated and socially committed VTC Higher Diploma graduates to pursue further studies at undergraduate level in overseas institutions in the fields of Design, Engineering (applicable to Aerospace / Marine / Environmental / Architecture), and Hospitality. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation fees, living expenses, air fares and expenses on study trips / field trips for up to three academic years, capped at HK$450,000 per study year.

    In addition, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust also offer scholarships to encourage dedicated and socially committed Youth College graduates of Diploma of Vocational Education to pursue Higher Diploma studies at VTC. Each scholarship covers the full tuition fees capped at HK$53,000 per year, for up to two years.


  • Bright Future Charitable Foundation Scholarship

    The scholarship aims at supporting outstanding graduates of VTC Higher Diploma to articulate to Degree studies in Design or Engineering at THEi (Year 3 Entry). Each scholarship is worth HK$35,000 per year for up to two years.

  • Rotary Hong Kong Vocational Scholarship
    The scholarship is a progressing scholarship scheme to support VTC financially needy students of Diploma of Foundation Studies who possess positive attitude and value, leadership qualities and commitment to the community to articulate to Higher Diploma and THEi Degree (Year 3 Entry) programmes.  The scholarship ranges from HK$10,000 to HK$35,000.


These scholarships aim to encourage students to participate in out-reaching and exchange activities to broaden their outlook and enrich their personal portfolios.


  • Mr Yeung Kai-yin Memorial Scholarship
    The scholarship enables needy students to participate in study visits and overseas exchange programmes to broaden their exposure and horizons and enhance their holistic development. Each student receives up to HK$10,000.
  • Schemes for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students
    Schemes for Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students, introduced by the Government of the HKSAR, aims at subsidising financially needy students in undertaking outbound exchange activities, so as to nurture students with international outlook, good communication skills and ability to thrive in a multi-cultural environment.  The subsidy schemes are applicable to local students enrolled in full-time higher diploma and degree programmes.  Means-tested subsidy amount varies according to the destination and duration of the exchange activity.



These scholarships aim to recognize and reward students who have achieved outstanding performance during their studies in VTC.


  • Dr Ng Tat-lun Memorial Outstanding Students Award Scheme
    Dr Ng Tat-lun Memorial Outstanding Students Award Scheme aim to awarding outstanding students based on their academic achievements, leadership, personal qualities, participation in extracurricular activities and contribution to the community. Every year, nine students from different disciplines receive this award of HK$10,000 each.
  • The HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund / Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund
    The HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund / Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund award categories include Outstanding Performance Scholarship, Talent Development Scholarship, Reaching Out Award, Best Progress Award and Endeavout Merit Award.  In 2017/18 over 2,000 VTC students are awarded the scholarships ranging from HK$10,000 to HK$40,000.






These scholarships aim to provide recognition and encouragement to VTC’s students who have made notable improvements over a specific period of time since joining VTC.


  • CYMA Charity Fund Scholarship
    The CYMA Charity Fund Scholarship aims to give recognition and encouragement to financially needy students who have made significant improvements in their studies, to better support their whole person development through extra-curricular activities.  Each year 100 VTC students receive the HK$5,000 scholarship.
  • Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund - Best Progress Awards
    The Best Progress Award aims to encourage and recognize students with significant progress and improvement in their studies.  In 2017/18, about 50 VTC students were awrded the HK$10,000 scholarship.
  • More scholarships schemes


These scholarships provide awards in recognition of the outstanding performance of students during their industrial attachments or internship with public and private businesses.


  • Outstanding Industrial Attachment Scholarships

    Funded by generous donations from industrialists and employers. The scheme awards VTC students who achieved outstanding performance during their industrial attachments. Over 500 students received this scholarship (worth HK$2,500 each) in AY2017/18.

  • More scholarships schemes

These scholarships aim to support development of VTC’s students in non-academic areas including sports, music and performing arts, culture and design, and innovative technology.


  • The HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund / Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund - Talent Development Scholarship
    The Talent Development Scholarship aims to give recognition to students who have demonstrated achievements or talent in non-academic areas and provide support for these students to further develop their talent and potential.  Talent areas include sports and games, music and performing arts, culture, arts and design, and innovation, science and technology.  In 2017/18 over 500 VTC students are awarded the scholarship, worth HK$10,000.
  • More scholarships schemes

Application for Scholarships


You are welcome to contact us for further information about the scholarships and application details.
Tel: 2836-1321 (Miss Cheung) / 2836-1233 (Mr. Wong)

The above information have been updated as of November 2018.  The latest information announced by VTC shall prevail in case of any discrepancies. The Council reserves the right to withdraw any of the above activities or modify their contents.