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Progression Ladder

  1. For specific entrance requirements of each programme, please refer to the details of Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma of Foundation Studies, Diploma of Vocational Education and Diploma programmes in this homepage.
  2. Holders of Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) upon successful completion of prescribed modules are considered having met the general entrance requirements of Higher Diploma programmes (not applicable to programmes with specific entrance requirements).
  3. The programmes are geared to prepare students for employment after graduation. Graduates may articulate to Professional Certificate / Diploma programmes after having accumulated work experiences in the industry. For enquiries, please call the Offering Institutes.
  4. THEi admits graduates from the higher diploma programmes in relevant disciplines into the senior years of its degree programmes.
  5. Higher Diploma graduates can apply for admission to top-up degree programmes offered by SHAPE in collaboration with local and overseas universities, or degree programmes offered by local or overseas universities.