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Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate

Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate


The following section presents the information of Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate  offered in September 2018. Information of programmes to be offered in academic year 2019/20 will be announced in January 2019.

  • The Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (VB Programme) offers one programme in Design and another in Engineering for applicants having completed / will have completed secondary 3 in 2017/18 academic year.
  • Upon completion of the VB Programme, students can progress to degree or higher diploma programmes in Hong Kong and abroad, subject to their internal and external academic results. Students shall pay attention to the specific entrance requirements of some degree / higher diploma programmes (if applicable).
  • Progression Ladder and Tuition Fees
  • Enquiry : 4647 9005; Email :