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Vocational Development Programmes

Social Programmes

VTC provides vocational and professional education and training courses for young people seeking education or employment, who are non-Chinese speaking, and who have special educational needs. These courses help them develop their potential and prepare to join the workforce or further their education.

Vocational Development Programmes

Offered by the Youth College, these programmes are designed to help young people who are not currently engaged in training or employment through courses tailored for their interests and needs, so that they are better equipped for employment or further studies upon graduation.

Vocational Development Programmes include:

  • Teen’s Programme 
    Provides training courses for school leavers between 14 and 24 years of age with secondary education or below, preparing them for further studies or employment.
  • Ethnic Minority Project
    Offers a series of short and practical pre-employment vocational courses for ethnic youths between ages 14 and 24, to help them enhance their employability and social integration.


Vocational and Professional Education and Training for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

VTC offers vocational and professional education and training programmes to eligible persons irrespective of their ethnic origin. Students who meet the basic entry requirements may apply for admission to programmes offered by VTC’s member institutions. In addition to mainstream programmes, non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students may also join specially designed vocational and professional education and training programmes offered by IVE and Youth College. Click here for information.

Manpower Development Scheme

Manpower Development Scheme covers placement-tied courses in a wide range of industries.  Placement follow-up services will be provided upon training completion, helping trainees to re-enter the job market.



Vocational Training for People with Disabilities

Shine Skills Centre offers vocational training and supportive services for people aged 15 or above with special educational needs, aiming to enhance their employment prospects and prepare them to integrate into society.

Information for Special Educational Needs

VTC offers support services to students with special educational needs (SEN) to help them unleash their potential.

Visit the SEN website.