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Professional Examinations & Recognition

Professional Examinations & Recognition


VTC is committed to providing quality vocational education and training opportunities. Professional assessment and examinations are introduced to help enhance the professional standard of industry practitioners.

The Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) provides a number of professional certification examinations in the areas of finance, insurance and security services. 

Visit the PEAK website.

To help employees attain recognised qualifications, Pro-Act by VTC organises trade tests covering fields like automotive, beauty care, electrical & mechanical services, hairdressing, jewellery, metal, plastic, printing and publishing.


Vocational Assessment is a territory-wide competency assessment platform, through which in-service practitioners and trainees who have attained a unified competency level will be able to obtain a recognised qualification. The assessment helps industries standardise required skill levels, while making it easier for employers to identify the right talents.

VTC has built upon multipartite collaborations to develop the “One Examination, Multiple Certification” system. Through a standardised examination, candidates will obtain professional certification recognised in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas countries, making them more competitive and employable in the market.

Visit the Vocational Assessment website.

The Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF), introduced in 2008, is a system set up by the Government to rationalise and recognise academic, vocational and professional qualifications. The QF consists of seven levels covering qualifications that range from certificates to doctorates. The Qualifications Register (QR) is a centralised online database which contains all qualifications that have been quality assured under the QF. The majority of learning programmes offered by the VTC are on the QR, such as Higher Diploma (Qualifications at QF Level 4) and Diploma (Qualifications at QF Level 3) . For details of the QR and QF, please visit the respective and

VTC has gained the Programme Area Accreditation status from the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. Many VTC programmes have been posted to the Qualification Register (QR). The curriculum structure and content of VTC programmes are designed with reference to the Specifications of Competency Standards, providing students with a clear and flexible progression pathway to attaining higher qualifications.

In support of the Qualifications Framework (QF), VTC has helped formulate the Specifications of Competency Standards for a variety of industries. It has also been appointed as an assessment agency for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Scheme.

For more details, please visit the RPL website.