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Diploma of Vocational Education Programmes

Diploma of Vocational Education (Pet Care and Grooming)

Programme code FS113392

Generic Skills Modules:
  • Vocational English
  • Vocational Chinese
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • Whole Person Development Modules
Vocational Modules:
  • Introduction to Pet Care and Grooming
  • Basic Pet Care
  • Animal Welfare and Health
  • Basic Pet Grooming
  • Introduction to Pet Biology and Breeding
  • Retail Service and Operation in Pet Industry
  • Fundamental Pet Wellness
  • Fundamental Pet Care and Grooming
  • Advanced Pet Grooming Techniques
  • Pet Handling and Training Techniques
  • Advanced Pet Styling
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition
  • Advanced Pet Grooming and Styling Techniques
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Caring Exotic Pets
  • Pet Nursing
  • Creative Pet Styling
  • Introduction to Alternative Therapies
DVE students may consider taking the elective module “Mathematics 3E: Mathematics for Further Studies” for the eligibility to apply for VTC’s Higher Diploma Programmes which require Mathematics as one of their general entry requirements. Students may be required to pay a separate tuition fee for this elective module.