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Engineering Discipline

Higher Diploma in Environmental Protection (Subject Group)

Programme code AS110112

Semester 1:
  • Environmental Investigation Field Camp
  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection
  • Carbon Audit
  • Chemistry and Product Life Cycle
  • Safety and Laboratory Practice
  • English and Communication: Workplace Interaction
  • English and Communication: Workplace Correspondence
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports
  • Whole Person Development - MindShift: Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness
  • Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement (Part A)
Semester 2:
  • Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology
  • Air Pollution Studies
  • Water Pollution Studies
  • Environmental Acoustics
  • English and Communication: Reports
  • Vocational Chinese Communication - Putonghua Presentations, Administrative and Technical Text Writing
  • Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement (Part B)
1 out of 2 Elective Modules (A):
  • Environment in Data
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Environmentalist
1 out of 2 Elective Modules (B):
  • Ecology
  • Science for Built Environment