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New Talents Press releases new titles at Book Fair

16 July 2018

A number of new books released by New Talents Press under the Vocational Training Council (VTC) will be available at its booth (1B-D23) at this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair, which runs from Wednesday 18 July to Tuesday 24 July. The new titles cover a variety of topics including the sharing of workplace experiences by IT freshmen, the marathon experiences of VTC alumni, myths about the vegetarian diet and games inspiring the intellect of children.

Themed “A stroll along Technology#Living#Words”, the New Talents Press booth aims to bring readers to the domain of professional knowledge through titles on different aspects of life. Also promoted is the teaching approach of VTC, which espouses both theory and practice. The booth features a Virtual Reality (VR) zone where visitors can play games developed by member institution of VTC, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) students and teachers to explore the real-life experience of VR games. Other highlights include the many student works produced by students of the IVE Information Technology Discipline, enabling visitors to appreciate the creativity of IVE students and teachers.

New entrants to the workplace: The IT Freshmen’s Diary
This book tracks closely the daily life of three graduates of the IVE Information Technology Discipline working in the IT sector, uncovering the everyday experience of working in the IT sector like mobile game programming, smartphone App development, as well as working in the cloud computing industry. It is indeed a primer for aspiring young people to understand the “warts and all” of being an IT freshman.

Share the fun of marathons while travelling overseas
Two graduates of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), a member institution of VTC, are diehard runners who teamed up to complete a nearly 1,000km marathon across the island of Taiwan. They even ran to the summit of Okgo Mountain. Earlier they went to Okinawa to join a marathon around that island and enjoy local life. Along the road, they confronted the challenges of a hurricane and losing their way with equanimity, braving every hurdle. In their book, they share secrets of their running skills and marathon tips, as well as describing the fine food and beautiful scenery they came across.

First steps to a vegetarian diet, and debunking myths about veganism
Lecturers of the IVE Applied Science Discipline analyse the nutritional needs of a vegetarian and provide answers to myths about a vegan diet by means of scientific literature written from the perspective of dietetics. The book examines the dietary needs of people pursuing different types of vegetarian diet, suggestions for food combinations, and cooking and storage methods for vegetables and fruit. Recipes for preparing tasty food are offered for foodies who want to take the first step to becoming vegans.

Inspiring intellectual abilities through games
The authors of this book, graduates of the IVE Childcare, Elderly and Community Services Discipline, possess rich experience in child education and a thorough understanding of the developmental needs of children and the queries of parents. Their teaching experiences and insights gleaned from years of communicating with children and parents are shared in the book, which also details a range of games designed to inspire the multiple intelligences of children and advanced steps in developing these games.

Founded in 2007 under the Vocational Training Council (VTC), New Talents Press publishes academic as well as popular literature of quality and diversity to broaden the frontiers of knowledge and champion creativity.


Media Enquiries: 2836 1046

New Releases of New Talents Press
 The IT Freshmen’s Diary
 Author: New Talents Press
 Price: $48
 Running marathons while travelling
 Authors: CHUI Wui-chung and LI Shing
 Price: $123
 Myths about vegetarian diet
 Authors: UK Registered Dietitian LUI Ka-man and
 UK Registered Nutritionist MAK Wing-ling
 Price: $90
 Games inspiring eight intelligences
 Authors: Alice YEUNG and LEUNG Wai -yan
 Price: $68

The IT Freshmen’s Diary
The IT Freshmen’s Diary
Running marathons while travelling
Running marathons while travelling
Myths about vegetarian diet
Myths about vegetarian diet
Games inspiring eight intelligences
Games inspiring eight intelligences