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Steady manpower growth recorded for information technology sector

12 March 2015

The Committee on Information Technology Training and Development of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) released the Report on the 2014 Manpower Survey of the Information Technology (IT) Sector. According to the survey, the significant increase (24.1%) of IT employees in the medical and health care services might be due to the development of relevant systems to cope with the healthcare service reform initiated by the Government.
The Committee conducted the biennial manpower survey between April and May 2014. Over 1,600 companies in the sector were sampled for the survey. The survey revealed that over the last ten years, the total employment size of IT personnel rose from 62,000 in 2004 to over 82,000, logging the growth of more than 30%.
The report also revealed a sustained growth of the number of IT employees in all industries, and the outlook was bright. The Committee attributed the some 25% of increase of IT employees in the medical and health care services to the development of advanced healthcare technologies and the introduction of relevant systems to cope with the healthcare service reform initiated by the Government such as establishment of the Electronic Health Record system. The Committee forecasted an additional requirement of 4,800 new entrants annually for the next 4 year.
The Committee remarked that one of the focus of the National Twelfth Five-year Plan is to lift the Mainland’s overall information-based level, including e-business, logistics and cloud computing. Together with the business opportunities arising from the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), ample opportunities were provided for the development of IT in Hong Kong. Besides, Hong Kong can leverage its expertise in project management, marketing knowledge and experience as well as stringent intellectual property rights protection and enforcement locally to foster technological cooperation and trade between Mainland partners and international market players.
The Committee believed that as the IT sector continues its shift towards cloud computing, companies will continue to implement clouds at an increasing rate. IT employees will need to develop a much broader skill set. With the rise in social media accesses through mobile phones, the Committee recommended that IT practitioners should upgrade themselves by getting more training and experience to keep abreast with the latest trend of digital or new media and build awareness of services and products through m-commerce offering to reach the global market.
To assist in-service IT practitioners to meet the skills requirement of the industry, VTC could continue to collaborate with prominent IT companies, trade associations and professional bodies to offer in-service training courses or seminars with more emphasis on advanced technology, management skills, and the latest trend of best practices in the IT sector.
The 2014 Information Technology Sector Manpower Survey Report is available at the following web site:
The Committee on Information Technology Training and Development is one of the 26 training boards and general committees under the VTC. The boards and committees conduct regular manpower surveys to collect updated information on the manpower situation of their respective industries to forecast manpower growth, ascertain training demands and formulate proposals to employers, and education and training providers to meet the demands for industry professionals.

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