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News Talents Press releases new titles at Hong Kong Book Fair

10 July 2017

A number of new books will be released by the New Talents Press under the Vocational Training Council (VTC) at its booth (1B-D23) in Hong Kong Book Fair starting on 19 July. The new titles cover a variety of topics including everything you want to know about “chenpi” (sun-dried tangerine peel), common errors in Chinese writing seen on the streets, and tips for young people on developing mobile applications.

Celebrity chef Paul WONG takes you on a journey to home of chenpi
Paul Wong is the culinary advisor for TV programme Come Home Love: Dinner At 8 and a graduate of the master chef programme offered by the Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI). He knows chenpi so much that he is the first Hongkonger being invited to join a chenpi trade association in Xinhui.

In his book A Taste of Chenpi, Wong tells the history of chenpi, the planting of tangerine and the process of turning the peels into chenpi. The book features a number of special dishes with chenpi as the main seasoning, such as goose in aspic jelly with chenpi, chenpi deep-fried pork, and winter melon and old duck soup with chenpi. Wong also recommends a few healthy Chinese soup recipes including fried rice tea with chenpi that can induce lactation for mothers, boiled chenpi water that can relieve coughing, and his signature chenpi red bean sweet soup offered in his Chinese eatery.

Finding Chinese slips of the pen on Hong Kong streets
Walking along Hong Kong streets, one can easily spot many errors in Chinese writing on shops and road signs, notices and advertisement leaflets. As a picture is worth a thousand words, the book Hongkong-style Mistaken Chinese Characters gives many examples with illustrated photos taken from the streets to show the mistakes. The author explains the reasons behind the typos and the proper usage of those Chinese characters, hoping to correct common mistakes made by Hongkongers.

IT veteran sharing tips on popular app development
The popularity of mobile devices has seen the demand for applications (app) surge. For many, app development may not be that difficult. However, it is quite a challenge when it comes to marketing and funding. The author of Crash Course for Secondary School Students - Making a Popular App Jordan CHENG Man-fai is an IVE graduate of the Higher Diploma in Internet and Multimedia Engineering. Known as the “Father of Smartglasses in Hong Kong”, he shares in his book the ways to write an app operating on the Android system and insider industry knowledge ranging from idea conception, marketing and sales to financing.

Founded in 2007 under the Vocational Training Council (VTC), New Talents Press publishes academic as well as popular literature of quality and diversity to broaden frontiers of knowledge and champion creativity. Website:

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A Taste of Chenpi


‧Visit the home of chenpi to understand everything about this Chinese seasoning ingredient
‧Recipes of specialty dishes with chenpi
‧Recipes of various Chinese tonic soup

Author: Paul WONG Ah-bo
Price: $118

Hongkong-style Mistaken Chinese Characters

‧Ilustrated photos taken on the streets to explore Chinese slips of pen commonly found on shops and road signs, notices and promotion leaflets
‧Analyse the linguistic errors and provide the proper usage of the original words

Author: Emil LI Ka-leung
Price: $78

Crash Course for Secondary School Students - Making a Popular App


‧Author Jordan CHENG Man-fai developed the smartglass, MAD Gaze, which won him the “Best Innovation Grand Award” in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015
‧Introduce app development techniques on the Android operating system
‧Provide industry tips on idea conception, market promotion, selling and financing for further growth

Author: Jordan CHENG Man-fai
Price: $48

A Taste of Chenpi
A Taste of Chenpi
Hongkong-style Mistaken Chinese Characters
Hongkong-style Mistaken Chinese Characters
Crash Course for Secondary School Students - Making a Popular App
Crash Course for Secondary School Students - Making a Popular App