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Outstanding Alumni

Roger Fok

Teachers of the Institute are selfless in coaching. They inspired my career and made me resolved to pass on the artistry to the next generation.

Roger Fok

  • The first Hongkonger to be among the top 10 finalists of the World Chocolate Masters competition
  • Chief Instructor of ICI
  • Graduate of Hotel and Tourism Institute in 2005

Currently Chief Instructor of the International Culinary Institute (ICI), Roger was Pastry Chef in a five-star hotel and the first Hongkonger to be among the top 10 finalists of the World Chocolate Masters competition. Planning at first to pursue pastry arts as his career specialty, he became fascinated by the artistry of chocolate making because of his learning experience and inspiration from the instructor at Hotel and Tourism Institute. He has since grown into the celebrated chocolatier winning numerous global tournaments.


Roger’s love story with chocolate began in a module on chocolate confectionery where he acquired sound foundational skills in chocolate making. His enthusiasm with this “sweetheart of many” began to really heat up, spurring his dedication to chocolate arts and earning him a string of accolades at international confectionery competitions. He was the champion of the Salon Culinaire Mondial, coming in third in Top of Patisserie Asia, and clinching the silver award in the IKA Culinary Olympics held in Germany.


In 2019, Roger decided to take up a teaching role at his alma mater. Like his teachers, he hopes to nurture young people and pass on the artistry with the same devotion. Better still, he wishes the younger generation to excel in the international confectionery world and become the new generation of confectionery talent of Hong Kong.