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Outstanding Alumni

Pearl So

I hope young people to be inspired by my experience, find their passion and pursue their dream with professional skills.

Pearl So

  • First Hong Kong Representative to WorldSkills Champions Trust
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Graduate of Hong Kong Design Institute in 2015

Pearl So is the first Hong Kong competitor who became the WorldSkills Champions Trust Regional Representative for Asia to promote WorldSkills worldwide. Stepping up to the international arena, Pearl said skills had helped her to do so, and had changed her life.


Today, her demeanour exudes confidence. But it was not always so when she was young. The desirable change came in when she entered the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) to study the Higher Diploma in Exhibition Design programme. There, she was given the opportunity to explore her creative talents, and this awakening proved to be transformative. She studied hard and in 2015, she was handpicked as a Hong Kong representative, thanks to her outstanding performance, to take part in the Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing trade in the 43rd WorldSkills Competition held in Brazil. In the end, she won a Medallion for Excellence, which brought her the opportunity to be considered for election by the WorldSkills Champions Trust.


She was elected as a WSCT member among contenders from over 40 countries in 2017. Pearl has since travelled to destinations including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Russia to promote the WorldSkills Competition and Vocational and Professional Education and Training. Citing her experiences as an example, Pearl hopes to inspire young people in different places to develop their skills and become professionals with their acquired skill sets.