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Application Information
Applied Learning Courses
2024 - 26 Cohort; S5 Entry in September 2024

Application Form
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(Second round application : 28 May to 26 June 2024)

Please Click Here for more information on early commencement at S4.

Target Students:

Students who will progress to Secondary 5 in the school year 2024/25.
Besides, some courses also allow schools to opt for early commencement at S4.
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Mode of Attendance:

Mode 1:

Classes will be held on Saturday morning or afternoon at the VTC premises.
Every lesson will be 3 or 4 hours in duration.
Summer block may also be arranged subject to the requirement of individual courses.

Mode 2:

Subject to the mutual agreement between schools and the VTC, classes can be conducted on weekdays or Saturdays. Summer block may also be arranged. Class venues can be flexibly arranged at the VTC premises or school premises, subject to facilities and equipment required for the course.

Course Duration:

ApL courses are of 180 hours in duration (3 or 4 hours per lesson), and the minimum attendance requirement is 80%. Classes of 2024/26 cohort will commence in September 2024 (i.e. Secondary 5) and end in December 2025 (i.e. Secondary 6).

Medium of Instruction:

Chinese / English (subject to enrolment situation)

Online Application and Selection:

Applications should be made to the EDB from 23 February to 2 April 2024 through the secondary schools in which applicants are studying. Each student may take a maximum of two ApL courses.

Applicants will be selected according to their interests, aptitude, abilities etc through an interview / online assessment. Applicants are required to submit online applications and complete relevant online interview/ assessment from 4 to 11 May 2024. The first round application result will be announced in stages by the EDB to schools, starting from 28 May 2024.

Second round application : 28 May to 26 June 2024

Course Fee:

Course fee ranges from $15,100 to $18,500 and to be settled in 2 installments. (Course fee is fully subsidised by the EDB)

Course fee reductions will be offered to some Mode 2 courses. Details please check with Applied Learning Team.

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