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Teacher Seminars



Career Masters Reception

The Career Masters Reception for teachers and counsellors was held on 29 Nov 2018. The seminar equipped participants with the latest information on VTC programmes, application procedure and relevant statistics that aided them in providing study guidance to S6 students. Alumni sharing and Q&A section were held to facilitate further understanding on teaching and learning in VTC. Thanks to all teachers and social workers for their active participation.


Click here to download the powerpoint for Career Masters Reception (Chinese version only; information is for reference only)


Principal Forum


Principal Forum 

Principal Forum for secondary school heads was held on 15 March 2018. Keynote speaker, Dr So Kwok-sang, Secretary General of HKEAA, and Ms Connie Lam Tsui-wah, Human Resources Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, shared their insights on the demand and training for professionals for the next generation during the guest discussion session.


Please contact Ms Gineve Lee or Ms Cheryl Chung via 2836 1339 or 2836 1787 for enquiries about the event.