Wofoo Leaders’ Network

“Wofoo Leaders’ Network” aims to enhance students' leadership and employability. With the sponsorship from the Wofoo Social Enterprises, students would have numerous opportunities to meet with professionals and students from other institutions, and join exchange tours to the mainland China or overseas to broaden their horizon.

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Activity Highlights

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1 Mar 2014
Enrollment of Wofoo Leaders’ Network newMember Development Programme and Award Scheme (ENRICH) 2013-2014
23 Mar 2014 Wofoo Leaders' Network Enrich
HSBC Water Race 滙豐水足印定向 2014new
- Enrollment Form
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12 Feb 2014
SMART Leaders Exploration Scheme 2013/14
ECO Exchange Tours Applicationnew
28 Jan 2014 SLES Workshop 3
Waste No Food & Sharing of the Leftover
20 Dec 2013 Movie Screening Night
Life after 311
4 Dec 2013 SLES Workshop 2
Outstanding Peers Sharing
"From Waste to Wonders" & Challenge Tour to Mt. Everest"
16 Nov 2013 Inaugural Ceremony

Student Sharings

Student Sharing

"Spending a whole year in Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN), I found myself like a growing fledgling. Advisors and supervisors of WLN gave advises to the inexperienced core members and let go of hands when maturity was seen. This is my honor to be the External Vice President this year. I have become more mature and my attitude and interpersonal skills have been improved. The experiences I learnt from WLN would not be gained from textbooks. Studying, of course, is essential during our school life. However, enhancing our adaptability in various contexts is also important to our daily life."

YIP Mei Po
Higher Diploma in International Business

Student Sharing

"I have joined Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN) for two years. It is my honor to be the Internal Vice President of WLN - Haking Wong this year. I had a different campus life in the past two years. Through organizing activities, I have learnt that no matter how perfect my preparation is, unexpected situations would still happen. But this has equipped my adaptability and decision making ability under stress. These are very helpful in my future life."

TSOI Chin Lok
Diploma in Accountancy